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Classic and Classy Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Really Wear

Father's Day Gift code: Belvedere Shoes

Giving Dad another necktie that he will probably never wear is kind of like giving your friends fruitcakes in December. The message you’re giving is “It’s the thought that counts!” But why not make the gift also count as one they’ll actually use and cherish? Follow the Father’s Day tradition. But do it with modern style and a flair for fashion that he will value and appreciate.

Why Wardrobe Items are Still Great Gifts

There are very few gifts you give someone that they will use throughout the year, but wearables are a rare exception. Pick carefully and your father may wear what you give him every week, or even daily. The trick is to choose items of clothing, footwear, or accessories that are both fashionable and enduring.

Avoid trendy, and shop for styles that remain in vogue year after year. Give Dad a tie, but make sure it’s silk and adds a pop of color that works well with his suits and sport coats. Or change it up, and give him a bowtie.

Socks are good gift, even if he already has a drawer full of them, if you choose wisely. Remember, socks should be close to the color of the pants he wears, not the shoes, whereas belts should match the footwear.

Unique Artisanal Footwear

Notice what kind of footwear your father wears most of the time, and then find a way to add to and upgrade that collection with meticulously crafted artisanal shoes and boots. If he’s into classic sneakers, stick to that theme but elevate his game with a pair of leather kicks. You’ll find beautiful examples in the Belvedere Arena and Paulo lines of leather sneakers. Or give him ultra soft sneakers, such as the Belvedere Kane, which are made from nubuck lizard.

If he loves to wear soft, comfy loafers, give him the most comfortable pair he’s ever experienced. The Belvedere Gerald loafers fit the bill, and are made from luxurious American alligator. For fathers who prefer a more rugged style, consider a pair of exotic leather boots or ankle boots made from fine Italian calf.

If dad is all about his dress shoes, treat him to a pair of magnificent monk strap shoes with buckles, or a pair of woven leather lace-ups like the Belvedere Ezra. You can even combine the classic woven and monk styles with the Belvedere Emerson.

Accessories He’ll Cherish for Life

A belt with a matching wallet is also a winning present that he’ll use frequently or even every day. You can also splash out and buy Dad an outstanding dress or sports watch with legendary Swiss movement. A pair of high quality sunglasses with polarized lenses, like retro Ray Bans, is also a welcome gift this summer. Or give him a set of silk pocket squares in a variety of colors that will highlight the colors of his neckties or shirts.

Finding the right gift is not that hard, as long as you limit your search to items of proven classic style that are made from the best materials and exude aesthetic attention to detail.


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