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When to Wear Cuffed Pants and Why

When to Wear Cuffed Pants and Why

The decision to wear cuffed pants can be a confusing one for many men. But with a little insight
into how cuffs visually impact your wardrobe and overall look, it becomes a much easier and
more informed choice to make. Sometimes it depends on what kind of footwear you select,

Historical Origins and Utility of Pant Cuffs

Cuffed pants were popularized in the 1800s in England, where rainy weather meant walking
through mud puddles. Rolling or folding up the pants raised the hem of the leg to solve the
problem. Outdoorsmen like loggers, hunters, and cowboys have also traditionally rolled up
their pants legs to keep them from getting snagged on branches and brush underfoot. Men
would also buy denim jeans in the old days, knowing that the cloth would shrink. They’d buy
them extra long in anticipation of that, and just wear cuffs until enough laundering shorted the
length through shrinkage.

The Outdoorsy Look

Cuffs can convey a rugged, bold, more adventurous “working man” look. That makes them a
great choice if you are wearing a boot. Good examples are Belvedere’s own Barry II suede or
Damian boot. Cuffs also pair well with exotic leather boots that have prominent texture. That’s
because cuffs add bulk and texture to the hem of your pants, where they make a pleasing
transition into the texture of the leather you’re wearing on your feet. You can see how that
would work if you check out the blocky pattern of the Libero quilted leather boot by Belvedere.

The Dressy Aspect of Cuffs

Although cuffs in jeans and casual pants may contribute an outdoorsy look, when worn with
dressy trousers they create a look of high fashion. Cuffs gained extreme popularity in America
when double breasted suits and blazers were originally introduced. The extra weight and
thickness at the bottom of the leg balances out the heft of extra buttons on the coat, so wear
cuffs with double-breasted jackets. They are also a must whenever you wear pleated pants, to
achieve that same sense of visual balance.

Draw Attention to Your Shoes

Keep in mind that cuffs tend to draw the eye toward your shoes, especially if worn with pleated
pants that also draw the eye downward. That is why you may want to wear cuffs that attract
attention to a fine pair of dress shoes, especially if the shoes are textured or woven. Two
perfect examples of classic woven leather shoes are the Emerson and Ezra. You might also wear
cuffs with monk shoes or wing tips that have a perforated design on the toe. The cuffs will both
attract the eye to those shoes and also reflect the visual texture that buckles or perforations

Cuffs for Wardrobe Versatility

Since cuffs can either create a look that is elegantly dressy or handsomely outdoorsy, they are a
beautiful choice when wearing footwear that also straddles both styles. The Belvedere Stefano
is an excellent example of footwear with an elegant dressy look and the bolder silhouette of a
boot. The same goes for the Gregg ankle boot in genuine ostrich. They have a boot-style
silhouette, but the lower-cut dressiness and elegance of a high-quality classic dress shoe─giving
you the best of both worlds.

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