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Fall Staples for the Fashionable Gentleman

Fall Staples for the Fashionable Gentleman

Fall Staples for the Fashionable Gentleman

By Adeline J. Wells

Leaves have turned from green to gold; days grow shorter, and the nights brisk.  By mid-October, there is no denying that summer’s spell has ended and we are instead fully in fall fever; a time deemed ideal for layers and warmth. Here are a few ideas to update your wardrobe for autumn, including one of Belvedere’s most unique boot styles.


A traditional men’s pant, a quality pair of trousers is a great way to dress up a fall outfit.  When crafted from flannel or wool, this fashion staple provides a fresh, warmer look on any casual look.  With a slim fit in the leg, trousers can be dressed up with a button-up shirt and blazer for day, just as easily as they can be dressed down for a night-out with a t-shirt and leather jacket.  Whatever the mood, a pair of heavier trousers will ensure that you remain both stylish and warm. 

Leather Jacket

Perhaps no jacket is associated with autumn more than the classic motorcycle jacket.  Typically crafted from genuine leather, motorcycle jackets carry a raw, rugged appeal that we often associate with the very elemental shift towards colder seasons.  There are a wide number of different fits to the jacket; tapered fits are favored in Europe, while American motorcycle jackets tend to fit a bit looser through the arms and torso. As with most timeless garments, motorcycle jackets can often be found in vintage or antique stores, especially when they are made from high-quality, durable leather that will last. 

Driving Gloves

Every leather jacket will always bode well with a pair of stylish leather driving gloves.  Originally created to protect the hands from fatigue caused by the vibration of steering wheels, the term is now more so synonymous with any pair of fitted leather gloves.  Often crafted from Italian Calf leather, driving gloves should be soft and supple to provide maximum protection and comfort throughout the cool autumn months.

Fall Cologne

Curating a personal style is about more than what one wears - it is about the full, well-rounded essence that they carry with them wherever they go. One of the ways that this is most significantly evoked is by way of scent; a fragrance that enters the room with one and often lingers after they leave. As we shift towards autumn, consider swapping your lighter summer cologne with a deeper, more robust scent for fall.  Colognes with notes of cedar, leather, amber, agarwood, and musk pair particularly well with autumn spirit.

Damian Boot

After a summer of sandals, the arrival of cooler weather always lends a turn towards oxfords, loafers, and boots for footwear; shoes that can be worn while experiencing the beauty of the nature’s changes, One of these styles, the Damian, perfectly merges our high-fashion brand with an outdoors feel.  The Damian is a durable, masculine boot that has a chunkier silhouette than other styles.  Available in the hue dubbed “ Peanut,” this boot’s warm, rich cognac textured Alligator leather is framed by lighter Italian Calf lining on both top and bottom.  With hearty patterned laces, metal eyelets, and a thick rubber sole, the Damian Boot is the perfect style to wear on days spent in nature enjoying the peak of the autumn season.

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