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Tips for Pairing Leather Belts with Shoes

Tips for Pairing Leather Belts with Shoes

Tips for Pairing Leather Belts with Shoes

By Adeline J. Wells

The onset of cooler weather brings with it the host of layers, adding another complexity to choosing one’s outfit.  One easy way to create an outfit that flows is by pairing a leather belt with a pair of stylish leather shoes.  Here are a few tips for pairing your pieces, including Belvedere’s own collection of quality leather goods.

Matching Leather Colors

Perhaps the easiest way to pair your pieces would be to match the colors of your leather shoes and belt.  For example, if you are wearing a pair of black shoes, a black belt is always a safe bet.  When wearing two-toned shoes, the belt should match the color of the stronger, more dominant tone.  Belts are not commonly made out to be a statement piece; matching the leather colors will ensure that the look is tied together without too much distraction for the eye.

Matching the Metals

Similar to matching colors, a look will look put together if the metals on the belt are paired to match any metals on the shoe, or any key metals elsewhere in the outfit.  While mixed-metals is definitely a look that is becoming more of a trend, it generally works best when the mixed pieces are worn in close proximity, such as jewelry on the arms and hands.  When wearing belts or shoes with metals that catch the eye, it is always a good idea to match them as closely as possible.

Tonal Balance

If you would like to mix up the colors between the shoes and belt, or you don’t have two that will match, it is recommended to try and keep the same color palette throughout the outfit.  For instance, if the shoes are crafted from warm-toned leather, it will be best to pair them with a warm-toned belt as well.  This way, even if there is variance between hue, the outfit will still flow.

Compliment Textures

Of course, shoes and belts are available in a wide range of leather types, each with their own look and texture.  Another good tip for pairing is to try and choose pieces whose textures complement one another.  If the leather belt is crafted from Alligator Leather and has a large, smooth pattern of scales, pairing it with shoes textured in the same style will ensure the same aesthetic is kept throughout the outfit.  Similarly, a braided belt would work well with a pair of smooth suede shoes, tying the look together visually.

Our Picks

At Belvedere, we craft our belts from a variety of different high quality, exotic leathers, providing our customers with a plethora of options when searching for a belt to go with their leather shoes.  The Gallardo boot is crafted from Genuine Caiman Crocodile to create a chunky ankle boot that is perfect for winter.  Our collection also includes Caiman Crocodile Belts in the Navy, Black, and a warm brown titled Antique Sport that the Gallardo is available in.  Another favorite combination includes our bestselling Mare shoe.  A classic oxford silhouette crafted from Genuine Ostrich and Eel, the Mare features large scales on the shoe’s side panels with small, roughly textured Ostrich on top.  A two-leather shoe, the Mare could be paired with any of our Ostrich Leg or Eel belts, both of which are available in a wide array of colors that will carry you through any season.

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