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Fathers and Fashion

Fathers and Fashion

Fathers and Fashion

By Adeline J. Wells


June is the month of Pride, the month of the solstice, the beginning of summer’s balmy reign.  It is also the month designated to celebrate fathers and father-figures everywhere.  Typically represented with golf, barbecues, and gifts of ties, Father’s Day is a day to honor the men in our lives who are the providers of fatherly love, and oftentimes, fatherly style.  While the trends of “dad style” or “dadcore” have evolved, at Belvedere we still create the vintage looks that dads originally made famous, because we believe that all father’s should look as good as they feel.

While dad style tends to maintain a modern twist, the notion could arguably be credited to mid-twentieth century origins.  With the invention and widespread popularity of television, classic looks and silhouettes could more easily make their mark on culture.  Icons such as Ward Cleaver, George Jefferson, or Ricky Ricardo are well-known initiators of these trends.  They dressed smartly, with closets an array of suits with matching bow ties, cardigans in coppers and jewel-tones, starchy slacks that were sleekly pressed, and of course, loafer shoes adorned with fat tassels.  Designs such as these are sometimes now housed under the umbrella of  “grandpa style”; despite the fact that times have changed, dressing with class will always remain elegant and fashionable.

Our modern-day concept of dad style typically dates to the later half of the twentieth century and the onset of nineties fashion.  Perhaps the most famous fad of this era was the acclaimed “Dad Jeans.” Characterized by light stonewashed, high waists, and tapered legs, the widely recognizable silhouette remains favored amongst adults of all ages today.  Other common elements include tucked in t-shirts, chunky sneakers, and ballcaps.  There is a note of casualness to this modern dad fashion; the trend highlights designs that are more popular amongst the working class.  Rather than drawing on elegance, nineties dad fashion is more often distinguished by what is easy, comfortable, and utilitous.

At Belvedere, our wide-spanning collection houses designs that span the evolution of dad style.  For those who prefer the nineties casualness, the Marcus Shoe is the perfect sneaker to elevate any laidback look.  Made from Genuine Hornback Caiman and Soft Italian Calf Leather, the Marcus’s thick rubber sole lends to popular chunkiness, while details such as texture and a small gold crocodile charm add a modish flare.

Contrastingly, our Batta Shoe exhibits the elegant, traditional style that has been donned by fathers everywhere for decades.  Following the typical formula for a men’s shoe, this design is a cap shoe fitted with laces and a slim, sleek contour.  The result is a typical looking dress shoe with a fashionable step up; crafted from Genuine Ostrich leather, the Batta has subtle textural details that aid in elevating this classic style, while the tassel accent adds a sophisticated flare.  Available in a variety of deep neutral hues, the Batta is the perfect addition to any Father’s Day outfit.

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