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Festival Fashion for Gentlemen

Festival Fashion for Gentlemen

Festival Fashion for Gentlemen

By Adeline J. Wells


With May upon us, there is no question that we are now fully immersed in the year's festival season.  From small, local affairs such as Lightning in a Bottle or Wonderstruck, to large-scale names such as Bonnaroo, Summerfest, or Lollapalooza, spring and summer are home to a plethora of interesting, fun-filled festivals no matter where you are located.  In addition to an abundance of art, food, and music, these events also serve as the platform for their own unique breadth of fashion moments.  Here are a few style tips for your next festival look, including a pair of our favorite Belvedere boots.


Breathable, Flowy Tops

Spring and summer weather means lots of sun; no one wants to be stuck in a shirt that is tight, too warm, or uncomfortable.  Instead, opt to don for a flowy, breathable top on your festival days.  Lightweight cotton is a favorite material for such events, as the material is lightweight and airy while typically less costly than high-end silk or linen; you don’t want to wear your most expensive styles to an event in the elements!  Silhouettes could range from a classic cotton t-shirt to a loose button down, or a poet’s shirt for a cool, breezy look.  No matter the style, a fun print is always a plus!


Statement Sunglasses

No one wants to be caught at a festival without sunglasses.  In addition to blocking the harsh, relentless beams from the sun, sunglasses can also provide protection from dust, debris, or pollen floating through the air on festival grounds.  Consider opting for a statement pair of sunglasses to enhance your festival attire.  From gold-lined aviators with colorful lenses to a unique geometric or campy cut, a pair of statement sunglasses is a sure way to bring some light to any look.



Warm weather makes it difficult to utilize layers to make a fashion statement; when in doubt, always opt for accessories!  Pieces such as natural beaded necklaces and patterned bucket hats bring an earthy, laid-back vibe to the occasion.  With festival must-haves such as water bottles, a sunglasses case, sunscreen and a phone, a festival bag is an excellent contribution to any look.  Not only does this keep your personals secure, but it is also a way to subtly tie together your outfit as well.  Consider a sleek backpack or knapsack design for easy wear.


Festival Footwear

With several days of walking, standing in lines, and, of course, late-night dancing ahead of you, quality footwear is a must.  At Belvedere, our Como Boot is the perfect festival form that strikes as both comfortable and fashion-forward.  Crafted from Genuine Ostrich Leg and Italian Leather, this boot is a classic hiker boot silhouette with an elevated twist.  Available in both black and Antique Brandy, the dual leathers have intricate details that, paired with the checkered laces, provides for a cool, contrasting look.  With a cushion insole and a rubber sole, the Como is a sure way to ensure that you won’t need to compromise comfort for style this season.

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