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Key Leather Accessories for Men

Key Leather Accessories for Men

Key Leather Accessories for Men

By Adeline J. Wells

At Belvedere, we pride ourselves in crafting sophisticated footwear from high-quality leather, designed to stand the test of time.  However, shoes and boots are not the only leather pieces that should be deemed space in your wardrobe; artisans around the world work with a variety of different cuts and leathers to create a plethora of fashion staples.  Here are a few of our favorite leather accessories for the gentlemen of today:



Take a step back in time with a pair of leather suspenders.  Popularized in the early 19th Century, suspenders were originally worn to support high cut trousers and skirts with which a belt would, at that point in time, be viewed as unstylish.  Today, they can be found paired with almost all styles of pants, shorts, trousers, etc., and can give any look an elegant twist from another era.  Leather suspenders are a great option to elevate the accessory further, for a true vintage feel. 


Leather Gloves

The accomplice to any leather jacket, consider upping your wardrobe with a pair of stylish leather driving gloves.  Originally designed to protect drivers’ hands from fatigue caused by vibration, the term “driving gloves” typically now encompasses any pair of quality fitted gloves, often crafted from Italian Calf leather that is soft and flexible.  They can be worn to protect your hands as the seasons shift, or while driving for a classy play on an outfit.



While we often don’t think about it, one’s wallet is one of their most utilized accessories over the course of a day.  Consider opting for a fine leather wallet, perhaps the most classic leather accessory for men.  Not only do they feel more elevated than many metal or nylon wallets on the market, but the leather is also designed to remain supple and moldable, easily carried in a back pocket or jacket without striking as uncomfortable.  Commonly made from full grain cowhide, a leather wallet is an investment that is sure to last.



Finally, a casual belt is an excellent leather staple for any collection.  Slimmer belt bands tend to be most popular for the warmer months, as summer continues to grow near.  At Belvedere, we design slim belts in a variety of leather cuts and colors, ranging from Alligator to Eel leather, classic black to sweet Rose Pink.  No matter your preferences, a high quality leather belt remains an excellent element in any gentleman’s wardrobe.

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