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Complete Your First Date Look with the Right Pair of Shoes

Complete Your First Date Look with the Right Pair of Shoes

First date shoes

The pursuit of true love is something truly worth experiencing. The highs, the lows, and everything in between only serve to make the journey from strangers to potential lovers even more memorable.

Like every journey, romantic relationships also have to start somewhere. Typically, the beginning of a romantic relationship is marked by the first date.

Getting ready for that first date can be nerve-wracking. Even simply getting your footwear right can prove to be a real challenge. We're here to help, with tips on which shoes you need to wear for your first date.

Comfort Is Crucial

You should obviously do what you can to enhance your appearance, but even more important than that is ensuring that you are comfortable.

Remember, this is a first date, so you have to try your best to just be yourself. It will be harder to pull that off if you are constantly being distracted by your uncomfortable feet.

The advice here is to either pick out the shoes in your collection that you are the most comfortable with or head to a store in search of a friendlier pair for your feet.

Of course, comfort cannot be your only consideration when selecting shoes to wear for your first date. It's never that easy, is it?

Dress Appropriately for the Location

This is also connected to the idea of remaining comfortable, but you really have to take into account where the date is taking place before picking out your shoes.

If you and your date will be spending the majority of your time together outdoors, you can get away with wearing some sneakers or perhaps some slip-ons.

If the date is going to take place at a restaurant or any other setting where formal attire is expected, then you should obviously step up your game. Oxfords and derby shoes are great choices if you’re heading to an upscale location.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Shoes

After picking out a comfortable pair of location-appropriate shoes, you now have to make sure that they are in fine working condition.

You’re trying to make the best impression possible on a first date. One surefire way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is by going to the date with unclean or even shoes with holes in them. Do yourself a favor and ditch the old shoes for your first date.

You don’t have to go out and purchase a new pair of shoes but at least do what you can to enhance the appearance of the footwear you’re wearing. Apply some shoe polish on those dress shoes or just wash those sneakers before you put them on.

Is There Any One Type of Shoe That Works Best for a First Date?

As detailed in this article, the ideal shoes for the first date will be determined by numerous factors, but if you’re struggling to make a decision, then loafers are probably going to be your best bet. Loafers pair well with semi-formal attire and more casual clothes and they can also remain comfortable regardless of the conditions.

More importantly though, be confident regardless of what you end up wearing. Nothing will impress a date faster than just showing that you can be comfortable, confident, and cool at all times.

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