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This Is How You Wear Your Belvedere's

Luxurious fashion: Belvedere Shoes, Suit, luxury watch


In February, we introduced our “How Do You Wear Your Belvedere’s?” campaign, in which we invited our customers to share their experience with Belvedere Shoes. We’ve had some success, but the invitation is still open. Just fill out the 8-question survey, let us know how we’re doing, and get a discount on your next purchase.

Don’t forget, if you include an Instagram or Facebook post with #lovemybelvederes and #belvedereshoes, you could be featured in our blog, where you can share your sense of style with our readers. We look forward to hearing from you!

#Jet Setting Time Traveler


Meet @MiaNupe20, AKA Horace Givens, Jr.. He's our first feature customer, and we couldn’t start off with a better star. Serious about looking good and enjoying life, he knows just how to showcase the top pieces of his wardrobe. Describing his style as jet setting, it's obvious that he incorporates quality into every piece, and thought into every outfit. From head-to-toe, he's a class act.

He proudly sports his Kappa Alpha Psi shirt with a bright red drivers cap, stylish white watch and Belvedere's Franco sneakers. 



Looking for a reason to wear those Stefanos? No problem. Follow Horace with a classy suit and matching timepiece.


Horace owns more than 10 pair of Belvedere Shoes and wears them any chance he gets, citing two reasons that we're especially proud of: comfort and style. He proves that, no matter what the occasion or outfit, we can help you look good. 



Thank you, @MiaNupe20, for being a loyal Belvedere Shoes customer!

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