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Four Unique Activities to Try for Your 2019 Fourth of July Celebration

Four Unique Activities to Try for Your 2019 Fourth of July Celebration

We’re less than a week away from the Fourth of July and chances are that you’ve already received invites from loved ones to attend block parties and cookouts.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you want to attend a party for this coming Fourth of July, but perhaps you’re interested in trying something a little different. After all, it’s not often that you get time off to spend with your friends and family members, so you should try your best to make the most out of it.

If you’re looking for some new things to try this Independence Day, please read on and check our suggestions.

Invite Kids in the Neighborhood to an Arts and Crafts Party

The Fourth of July is always a good time to gather the kids around and have some fun. For this year’s festivities, you can invite the kids in the neighborhood over and ask them to take part in an arts and crafts party.

Give the kids all the art supplies they’ll need and you’re guaranteed to see some exceptional pieces at the end of the day. Even though, school’s out for the summer, there’s nothing wrong with asking the kids to exercise a bit of their creativity.

Of course, you should also supply them with plenty of burgers and lemonade to keep them going through the arts and crafts party.

Host a Charity Fundraiser

Giving back is not just for the holiday season.

Partner up with a charitable foundation in your area and host a fundraiser in your neighborhood so that folks going through some hard times are given reasons to have fun during Independence Day too.

When it comes to what kind of fundraiser you can host, you can go with a cookout or maybe even a fun run to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Still looking for something more unique? Then what about taking some time out to celebrate none other than the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 making it all the way to the moon.

Per NASA, the big event isn’t until July 19, but you don’t have to wait for that day. Accessible to the public right now are numerous exhibits dedicated to the monumental event that took place many decades ago.

The best part is that these exhibits have popped up all over the country. Find one in your area and take the family there for a truly memorable Fourth of July celebration.

Take Part in the Declaration of Independence Reading Ceremony

Last but not least, you can spend this upcoming Fourth of July holiday witnessing the Declaration of Independence Reading Ceremony.

The event is taking place in Washington, D.C. and you can plan a whole vacation around it as there will be all kinds of activities offered to the families who will be in attendance. If you can’t make it to Washington, D.C. for the ceremony, you can still stay at home and catch the event via YouTube or Facebook Live.

The Fourth of July holiday is almost here and by trying out one of the activities listed above, you are guaranteed to have some incredible experiences. Choose your favorite and get ready for a very special day!
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