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How To Wear Boots With Jeans

How To Wear Boots With Jeans
Classically Designed

As important as it is to get a stylish and comfortable shirt, that item only accounts for a portion of your look and not the entirety of it.

If you fail to put that together with similarly fashionable shoes and pants, then you’ll end up coming short in the style department.

In the spirit of winter being just weeks away, we thought it wise to put together a brief guide for how you can pair boots with jeans to ensure that you’ll be able to continue looking your best even as the temperature drops.

What Goes Well with Slimmer Boots

Some boots are designed to accommodate slender yet lengthier feet. Belvedere’s Damian falls into that category as you can see that the portion with the laces hugs the foot tighter.

When thinking of finding jeans to pair with boots like the Damian or something similar to them, you have to emphasize their slimmer profile. As much as possible, try to find jeans that feature a thinner cut as well to pair with your boots that have a narrower profile. That way, the slim look is maintained all throughout the lower portion of your body.

In terms of color, black boots together with black jeans will work well because they will help to maintain the look you are emphasizing.

What Goes Well with Classically Designed Boots

When you’re just trying to conjure up an image of a classic boot in your head, the odds are that you will think of something that is solidly built, with a good amount of thick leather up top, and soles that look strong enough to dig into the ground.

Belvedere’s Logan is very much designed to evoke the image of the classic boot, and because of that, it also deserves to be included in a classic pairing.

Denim jeans go well with boots that feature a more traditional form. The pairing brings out the rugged qualities in both items. They then work to make that unmistakable “tough guy” look accessible to you, which is a big plus.

What Goes Well with Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are fine examples of footwear because they provide you the comfort of more conventional boots, without weighing as much or featuring a look that is as distinct.

You should take advantage of that by pairing them up with a wide variety of jeans.

If you want to go with a more casual look, then you are more than welcome to pair Belvedere’s Stefano with jeans that are on the lighter side in terms of color. If your evening plans involve attending an after-hours party together with workmates, then pair those ankle boots up with darker jeans.

Ankle boots excel at blending into whichever look you want to sport and that makes finding a pair of jeans to wear with them much easier.

Always remember that your styling efforts should not end with just picking out a good shirt from your closet. If you really want to make an impression and show that you know what you’re doing in terms of styling, pay attention to the boots and jeans you’re wearing as well. By rounding out your look better, dressing to impress is something that you’ll be able to do on a regular basis, even during the winter season.

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