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Exactly When Is It Okay To Wear Alligator Skin Shoes?

Exactly When Is It Okay To Wear Alligator Skin Shoes?
Alligator Skin Shoes

Alligator skin shoes are known for featuring the boldest designs.

These are not the shoes that should be worn by those faint of heart. The men who put these on understand that they are drawing attention and are more than okay with that.

Still, even if you yourself have no issue with slipping on a pair of alligator skin shoes, they are not always the right choice to wear. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make a fashion statement when you are just out on the town, but in some scenarios, being too bold with your style can backfire.

Are alligator skin shoes considered appropriate within a professional setting?

Back in 2004, a GQ reader posed a simple question to the site. The question simply asked if it would be “acceptable” to wear alligator skin shoes to a meeting, or would they be a bit too showy.

In response, GQ essentially said that people who have certain occupations may be able to get away with wearing alligator skin shoes to a business meeting because being fashionable and eccentric is kind of baked into what they do. However, those with jobs unrelated to fashion or just style in general may receive more scrutiny for wearing alligator skin shoes.

That exchange may have taken place originally in 2004, but the attitude regarding alligator skin shoes hasn’t changed that much within a business context.

Business meetings are about focusing on the task at hand and anything that takes attention away from that can be viewed as detrimental. Fans of alligator skin shoes may not like it, but the typical office setting is still not the place for those flashy pairs.

There’s a loophole though.

Alligator skin shoes have evolved. Not all of them are as showy as their predecessors.

Take a look at the Plato from Belvedere Shoes or their Urbano shoes. Those are alligator skin shoes as well, but they are certainly more understated in terms of style. They are still remarkably stylish and elegant, but not in an overly showy way.

Chances are that most people won’t even realize those are alligator skin shoes. They may just think that they look impeccably stylish and may even ask you where you bought them.

Flashy alligator skin shoes are still available

Now, if you love the alligator skin shoes that are in your face about their style, you don’t need to worry because those remain available as well.

The Alfred and Lago from Belvedere are some of the finest examples currently available, and as you can see, they are definitely not lacking in style. These are the alligator skin shoes that are not suited for the workplace setting, but you can wear them to a party with friends or if you’re planning to go club hopping.

Alligator skin shoes are not necessarily designed for everyday use

Alligator skin shoes are not easy to clean. notes that you may even need to get a reptile skin cleanser if your shoes cannot be cleaned with a damp cloth.

To extend the life of your alligator skin shoes, wear them sparingly and on those days when you aren’t expecting precipitation of any kind.

You don’t want your alligator skin shoes to lose their visual impact anyway, so it’s best to limit your usage of them.

Alligator skin shoes are still not ideally suited for regular use, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are able to save them for the right situation, they will help you stand out in the best way, and you are also sure to receive praise for your impeccable fashion sense.

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