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The Tips That Will Keep Your Leather Belt in Great Shape for Years to Come

The Tips That Will Keep Your Leather Belt in Great Shape for Years to Come
A high quality leather belt will work as a fine addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Its distinctive look can help bring many outfits together and it can also save you from a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Every man should have a leather belt in his wardrobe, but it’s not really enough to simply have one. You have to also be aware of how to care for it properly. A leather belt can only work as a terrific addition to your ensemble if it’s in good condition itself.

Here now are some of the tips you need to follow if you want to maximize the longevity and prime of your leather belts.

Tip #1: Clean the Belt Right Away if It Gets Stained

The first and arguably most important tip for keeping your leather belt in pristine condition is simply to clean whenever it gets dirty. Because it’s an accessory that can sometimes be hidden from view, you may not notice right away if some mud or perhaps a condiment you used earlier ended up on your belt.

Since it’s leather, that staining substance can seep into the material and compromise its quality.

Perform a routine check of your belt whenever you get a chance to hit the restroom at the office and see if any visible stains have ended up on it. Check it again before you store it away at home.

By ensuring that stains don’t get a chance to linger on the leather belt, you can preserve its quality for a much longer time.

Tip #2: Damp Cloths and Conditioners Are Your Tools for Proper Maintenance

As much as possible, you should be selective when it comes to picking items for maintaining the good condition of leather. In the case of the aforementioned material, the items of choice are a damp cloth and some leather conditioner.

The Art of Manliness notes that a damp cloth by itself is good enough for getting rid of any dirt and dust particles that may have found their way on to the leather. You can use a damp cloth for cleaning your leather belt pretty frequently. Once per week should suffice.

The leather conditioner is crucial because it properly moisturizes the leather, allowing it to stay durable and retain its original appearance. Applying some leather conditioner every six months or so should work to the benefit of your belt.

Tip #3: Store the Leather Belt in the Right Place in the Right Way

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to storing your leather belt:
  • Leather doesn’t hold up well to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Leather doesn’t hold up well to humid environments.
On the latter point, LeatherCult points out that a relative humidity level over 50 percent can be damaging to leather.

The closet makes sense as a place to hold your belt, but you have to be sure that the humidity level in there does not get too high. Apartment Therapy recommends using a dehumidifier or exhaust fans to help lower the humidity in your home.

As an additional note on keeping your leather belt in your storage, you should do so by hanging it up by the buckle. Ideally, you will want to hang the belt buckle on a hook that is attached to a rod. That way, the leather can just stretch out naturally.

Caring for your leather belt, whether exotic leather or calf leather,  should not prove to be a difficult task. As long as you keep a close eye on the condition of your belt and make a bit of an effort to store it properly, you should have a reliable accessory that will be ready to infuse your look with some refined style at all times.
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