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Do You Still Need to Own a Pair of Driving Shoes?

Do You Still Need to Own a Pair of Driving Shoes?
Driving shoes have been around for quite some time now.

Per this article from GQ, the early ancestors of the driving shoes we know today were invented way back in the 1960s – a time when luxury Italian sports cars were among the most sought after items in the entire world. That isn’t to say that Italian sports cars are no longer popular, but the degree to which they were coveted back then was just different.

In any case, people wanted to get the most out of their experience of riding in those high-priced automobiles and thus they were presented with shoes specially designed for better driving. The shoes were designed to closely mimic the look of the more traditional loafers, but they also featured some extra elements in the form of rubber nodes at the soles.

Those rubber nodes are meant to provide a better grip, which is obviously crucial when you’re trying to maintain control over the pedals of a high-speed car.

But do you still need to use driving shoes today?

One can argue that many of the men’s shoes available currently can work just fine for the purposes of driving because they have soles that can maintain a good grip. That would be overlooking some of the other notable features offered by driving shoes though.

Driving Shoes Are Great for Completing Varied Looks

One of the best features of driving shoes is that they work so well as elements of all kinds of outfits. Thanks in large part to their simple and mostly uncluttered design, driving shoes don’t really stand out in a way that they will dominate your look.

You won’t get away with using them as shoes for your most formal outfits, but they can still pair well with certain suits. They also go well with layered looks featuring blazers and button-downs or plain collared shirts.

Driving shoes have this knack for just blending seamlessly into many ensembles and you should take advantage of that.

Always Great to Wear Together with Shorts

Be honest. There are some days when you just don’t feel like wearing pants.

Switching things up every now and then is a good move and on those days when you do feel more inclined to wear shorts, feel free to pair them up with your driving shoes.

FashionBeans notes that you can sport different looks with driving shoes and shorts. You can go for the preppy look by wearing the driving shoes along with linen shorts or try on an outfit with a distinctive summer feel by using the driving shoes together with some upscale swim shorts.

Driving shoes with white chino shorts is also a classic look that’s worth trying out.

They Can Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Yet another reason why driving shoes are great items to wear is because they can keep your feet nice and cool. Most driving shoes are on the lighter side, so they won’t suffocate your feet.

Plus, since driving shoes are meant to be worn without socks, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting too sweaty from being wrapped up for too long. When it’s really warm outside, driving shoes may even be the optimal choice of footwear.

For those looking for a new pair of driving shoes, the Omar from Belvedere stands out as a great potential pick up.

Driving shoes may no longer be a must whenever you’re behind the wheel, but even so, they can be terrific additions to your closet. Thanks to the comfort and casual style they provide, there will be more than a few times when you will find wearing driving shoes to be a good choice.
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