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Luxury Wear: Dressing to De-Stress

Luxury Wear: Dressing to De-Stress

We all have different ways to deal with stress.

Some prefer to splurge on a meal and let their favorite food remind them of better times. Others confide in friends and family and maybe go out for drinks. There are also people who prefer to just be alone for a while as they read a book or perhaps just stare out into space for an extended period of time.

There’s no right or wrong way to relieve stress, but there may be one more intriguing method for relaxation that you haven’t tried yet and it involves your wardrobe.

Our Clothes Can Influence Our State of Mind

Brain Fodder highlights an earlier article known as “Enclothed Cognition” that details how the clothes we’re currently wearing may be affecting the way we think and the way we behave. The article specifically focuses on how clothes can affect the people wearing them as opposed to how they may impact the perception of onlookers and other people nearby.

One of the more interesting things pointed out by the article is that we may become friendlier and more creative depending on what type of clothes we’re wearing. To be more specific, you tend to take on those traits more if you’re wearing something more casual and relaxed.

Those findings make a ton of sense.

If you have on something super formal, you’re probably going to worry a lot about how you’re wearing it. How will you able to just relax and chill out if you’re too concerned about how your formal clothes look?

Another interesting thing brought up by the article is that the colors of our clothes can also impact our mood.

Unsurprisingly, the duller colors can cause us to feel a bit down and even lower our energy levels. On the other hand, by wearing those bright colors, we can effectively give ourselves a bit of a boost.

For those going through a particularly rough day, it may not be a bad idea to bust out a pair of brightly-colored shoes just to change things up even a little bit.

Belvedere’s Edson fits the bill. The bright red color of the Edson just pops as soon as you see it. Add to that the comfortable form of this classically-styled sneaker and you have something you can wear to feel more at ease.

Is Changing Our State of Mind Through Clothing Healthy?

Inevitably, you will wonder if dressing to de-stress is healthy. Is it really a good idea to use our clothes to change the way we’re feeling or should we avoid doing that?

Speaking to Vice, consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow said that people using their clothes to feel better is nothing new. Yarrow added that it’s just human nature for us to care about what clothes we are currently wearing.

Yarrow goes on to say that us relying on our clothes to lift our mood or de-stress is “really pretty healthy,” especially when compared to the other things we can try to achieve the same results.

The next time you’re having a rough day, feel free to put on your brightest and most comfortable pair of shoes as well as your favorite pants and shirt. A simple wardrobe change like that can end up working wonders for you.

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