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Staying Fashionably Relaxed on Memorial Day: Sandals, Flip-flops or Sneakers?

Staying Fashionably Relaxed on Memorial Day: Sandals, Flip-flops or Sneakers?

Memorial Day provides all of us with an annual opportunity to honor the brave men and women who fought for this country. Along with that, the holiday also provides us with a chance to enjoy the company of our loved ones and friends, which is something we don’t get to do too often because of how busy everyday life often gets.

Let’s be honest. Days when we can mostly just relax don’t come around often enough. That’s part of the reason why many of us also don’t know how we should dress when we have friends and family over for these more relaxed days.

Should you wear sneakers? Are sandals okay? Can you get away with wearing flip-flops?

In this article, we will address those concerns so that you can figure out how you can remain relaxed yet still fashionable during these rare spring and summer holidays. 

Can I Wear Sneakers?

Of all the options available, sneakers are probably your best bet if you’re looking for appropriate footwear to sport during these more relaxed holidays. Most sneakers are on the more casual side in terms of their overall style, but they are versatile enough that they can look good in just about any setting.

If you’re having some guests over, including some friends you haven’t seen for a long time, feel free to pair your sneakers up with some jeans.

Belvedere’s Antonio deserves some consideration if you’re planning a mini-reunion of sorts. It’s a classically styled sneaker but it still stands out when you see it because of how well it’s made. Men on the lookout for something more comfort-focused can try out the Benjamin. The Benjamin has a more minimalist look, which some people may prefer.

Those are just two of the sneaker options you can choose from if you’re looking for something that can keep you comfortable while also helping you look good. Don’t shy away from the sneakers, especially during the holidays. 

Can I Wear Sandals or Flip-Flops?

Let’s first differentiate the sandals from the flip-flops.

According to LiveAbout, flip-flops are usually made out of foam, rubber, or vinyl. A flip-flop is also flat in form and a Y-shaped strap spans across its surface.

On the other hand, sandals are made out of more expensive materials and they can also vary in terms of height because the thickness of the heels can change.

The reason why many people can confuse flip-flops for sandals is because there are thong sandals available. Thong sandals look remarkably similar to flip-flops, but they are fashioned out of higher quality materials.

Now, in terms of whether they are appropriate to wear, sandals are good in many settings. Yes, they are casual in styling but they can look more visually impressive because of their material composition.

Look no further than Belvedere’s Merlin to see thong sandals that will help you look stylish as opposed to sloppy. If you’re not too keen on wearing thong sandals, the distinctive look of the Palma may be more to your liking.

Sandals pair well with Bermuda and khaki shorts, especially if you’re heading to the beach. Considering how well-styled those sandals are from Belvedere, you should also feel free to wear them to the store or to pick up some coffee for that holiday pick-me-up.

Flip-flops only pair well with board shorts and, as much as possible, you should only wear them at the beach.

Just because it is a holiday, you can’t forget about your style. By picking up some quality sneakers or sandals, you can dress for style and for comfort without overdoing things.
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