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Mixing and Matching with the Wristwatch: How to Pair This Accessory with the Rest of Your Outfit

Mixing and Matching with the Wristwatch: How to Pair This Accessory with the Rest of Your Outfit
The wristwatch could very well be the quintessential accessory for men.

It’s functional, but also stylish and it goes so well with many other articles of men’s clothing. Males young and old have a fondness for wristwatches and manufacturers have responded by coming up with numerous options.

While you may be content to wear your favorite wristwatch together with whatever outfit you choose to sport on any given day, you may actually be doing yourself a disservice by adopting that approach. Much like everything else you wear, wristwatches have to be paired properly too.

To figure out how to match your wristwatch with your outfit, please read on.

Consider the Style of the Wristwatch

There are two basic elements of the wristwatch that you need to take into account when determining if it goes with your outfit, with those being the style of the watch itself and the band/strap it uses. Let’s focus on the style options first.

You may end up seeing all kinds of style options for wristwatches while you’re browsing the available options, but the five you’ll spot most often are aviator, dive, dress, field, and racing watches, per Real Men Real Style.

Figuring out when to wear a dress watch is easy. This is the kind of wristwatch you reach for when you have on your best suit and tie. It’s simply styled and elegant, making it the perfect complement to a formal look.

A slight step down in terms of formality is the racing watch. You will have to be more discerning if you are trying to pair a racing watch with a suit as its colors can be a bit much at times.

Aviator, dive, and field watches are the options you should consider if you want something with a more casual appearance.

The aviators and dive watches pair stunningly well with leather jackets. That’s due in large part to them featuring a more masculine quality.

Field watches are great when you’re just taking a relaxed stroll around the city in your comfortable, casual outfit.

The Right Watch Band for the Strapping Gentleman

Generally speaking, the band that accompanies your wristwatch when you first buy it is usually the appropriate one to use already. There’s no need to look any further for a replacement.

However, if the band snaps or just gets worn down too much, you will obviously have to seek a replacement. This article from highlights your options for replacement bands.

For dress watches, you will want to choose from the leather straps. The classically designed strap is a fine choice, but you can also opt for the ones that feature contrast stitching or double ridge patterns. The bracelet strap can also work here, but the leather options are preferred.

The same strap options can work for a racing watch and you can also throw the rally band into the mix. The aviator watch should obviously be paired up with the aviator strap.

Tropic bands are best used together with dive watches because of the added durability they bring.

Field watches offer more freedom. They can pretty much work well with any strap option you fancy. Feel free to experiment with them to see which strap options look best.

The wristwatch is an accessory that many men cannot do without. To make sure that it fits well into your personal style, always be mindful of what kind of watch it is and don’t forget about the strap featured as well.
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