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Sole Searching: How You Can Find the Right Insoles for Your Shoes

Sole Searching: How You Can Find the Right Insoles for Your Shoes
Finally finding that right pair of shoes that fits your feet perfectly is such a great feeling.

Your toes aren’t being squished in, the widest part of your feet can slide in with no problem and there’s enough space available at the back to prevent those painful wounds from showing up. Even if you have to stay in your shoes all day, staying comfortable is not going to be a problem.

However, you may still experience a significant amount of discomfort even after finding the shoes that fit you best. If you’re wondering why that’s the case, the culprit could be the insole, or rather, having the wrong insoles in your shoes could explain why you are experiencing discomfort.

To solve that nagging issue, check out the tips included in this article for finding the right insoles.

Choose the Correct Type of Insole

This may come as a surprise, but there are actually several types of insoles that are available.

You can find insoles made from gels or memory foams, as well as ones that can be molded using heat to fit your feet better, according to The Insole Store. For athletes and construction workers, there are insoles also specially designed to provide them with the kind of comfort and support they need.

Still, if you’re just looking for something that can slip inside your work shoes or sneakers, the two types of insoles you need to know are the orthotic arch supports and the cushioned arch supports.

The orthotic arch supports are what you’ll want to purchase if you currently have an injury that’s affecting some of the muscles in your feet or if you’re dealing with arch pain. These types of insoles can also help you out by essentially improving the way you walk.

Orthotic arch supports will still provide comfort, but their main goal is to offer the kind of support that can directly address injuries and other specific feet problems.

In contrast, cushioned arch supports are designed mainly for the purposes of providing as much comfort as possible. You should look for these insoles if your issues stem mainly from the fact that your feet just get tired from standing all day. They can make your shoes way more comfortable.

Replacement insoles are also offered by some manufacturers. These are not the best choices for support or comfort. Replacement insoles are mostly useful for protecting your feet and the shoes themselves, but they don’t offer many other benefits beyond that.

Material Considerations

Once you’ve settled on a type of insole to get, you can now turn your attention to what kind of material it’s made out of. You will want to get this right because the material composition can have a huge impact on the quality of the insole.

For people who will be purchasing orthotic arch supports, the material of choice should be polypropylene. Thankfully, most orthotic arch supports are already made from polypropylene. You should have relatively little trouble finding them.

If you’re eyeing one of those cushioned arch supports, make sure to look for the ones fashioned out of foam, cork, or leather. Those are materials that excel at keeping your feet comfortable, according to Wirecutter.

Notably, you can also find insoles that feature bamboo fibers and merino wool. Those are great to have if your feet tend to get sweaty. Bamboo fibers and merino wool can wick moisture effectively.

Shoes often get the blame for causing discomfort, but in certain cases, the insoles may actually be the problematic items. Take the time to look for the specific insole that will be most compatible with your feet and say goodbye to those days when you dreaded wearing shoes.
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