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How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

Most people use every inch of closet space to hold all the trendy clothes they buy on a whim but hardly ever wear. But fashion leaders recommend you adopt the minimalist wardrobe method.  You’ll stand out with style and make your wardrobe efficient, fashion-forward, and increasingly valuable. All it takes is a little insight into how to create a minimalist wardrobe. Your clothes will fit your body and unique style much better, and they’ll all mix and match perfectly.

Maximize Minimalism

A minimalist strategy makes your whole wardrobe work together, with incredible ease and no more annoyance or waste. But don’t confuse minimal with plain, limited, or boring. A minimalist look is just the opposite, because of how it maximizes your unique look and style. Think of it as a modular way to organize your wardrobe, which will also have the fringe benefit of helping organize your life. The idea is to only invest in items that go great with other pieces in your closet. By paring it down, you ensure that every time you get dressed you look your absolute best.

Select Your Core Items

Core wardrobe items are those pieces of clothing or shoes that are central to your fashion statement. You might only wear jeans and a tee shirt, but when you put on a fabulous leather jacket suddenly it elevates the look to the next level. So that jacket is considered one of your core items. Other examples of core items include gorgeous suits and blazers. The core concept applies to fine accessories, too. A bold and elegant wristwatch, a beautiful scarf, or a pair of handsome boots or uniquely designed sneakers can play that role.

Building Up Your Wardrobe

Over time you can build-out your wardrobe. But adding to it never means it gets bloated and confusing like it used to be, since you’re leveraging a minimalist approach. Add a signature artisan-crafted pair of Onesto II Brogue Oxford shoes or Gregg ankle boots in genuine ostrich. Later give yourself a matching belt made from ostrich leg leather. Seek out a sharp-looking wool or Panama straw fedora, a winter topcoat, a summer seersucker suit, or a vintage motorcycle or bomber jacket. You’ll find it’s fun to expand your collection this way. But each piece you add effectively amplifies the versatility of the rest of the wardrobe.

Putting it All Together

Each of these new additions will integrate as core items. They’ll pair perfectly with multiple minimalist wardrobe pieces or outfits. As the wardrobe branches out, you wind up with more essential core pieces. As the saying goes, “the whole becomes more than just the sum of its parts.” What used to be a meaningless jumble of odds and ends turns into a purposeful signature collection. Plus it is one that is expressively and expressly yours – and yours alone. That’s where fashion meets style to project your own distinct personality.

The Bottom Line

Go minimal and you’ll no longer experience the frustration of standing at the mirror trying on clothing combinations that fail. You’ll save money by investing in higher quality instead of just large quantities of lower-value wardrobe items that do not stand the test of time. You’ll have fewer decisions to make when dressing, and will enjoy wearing exquisite items that last longer without going out of style. You’ll save time but always look amazing and feel confident. Your look will prove that sometimes less really is more.

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