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Monk Strap Shoes: The most versatile men’s fashion footwear.


You need a gorgeous dress shoe with signature character. You also want smart style in comfortable, casual footwear. Search no more. Solve both wardrobe challenges with the incomparable Monk Strap. This enduring classic is renowned the world over as one of the most beautifully designed and popular shoes ever conceived.

What is a Monk Strap Style?

Back in 1700s, European monks who typically wore open-toe sandals realized they needed more protection. After all, you don’t want to work in a monastery’s hillside vineyard or do stone masonry on a chapel without a closed style shoe. They began crafting a closed-toe version of the traditional monk’s sandal. The top of the foot was secured with a flap or strap of leather pulled across it and fastened with one or more metal buckles. The Monk Strap style was so innovative, practical, and handsome that it soon made its way into mainstream fashion circles.

Is it for Dress, Business, or Casual?

The answer is a resounding yes. Monk Strap shoes are famously versatile. Think of it as combining the great fit of a lace-up oxford, plus the slip-on convenience of a loafer. They’ll take you wherever you go, whatever the occasion calls for – whether you want to dress up in your finest suit or pair your shoes with your favorite khakis or jeans. They fit the bill for business and pleasure, in the board room or the neighborhood bar. They also rock as evening wear, whether you are going out to your favorite restaurant, music venue, or to a sophisticated cocktail party.

Versatility Never Looked and Felt so Good

Ask anyone who owns a pair and they’ll tell you that they never stand at the door of the closest wondering what choice to make or wishing they had bought a different style of shoe. You just grab them and go, with confidence, charisma, and comfort. The Monk Strap is the perfect choice when you need a shoe as dressy as a wingtip, but you also demand the all-day comfort of a slip-on loafer. Wear the only shoe that’s instantly recognizable for its stylish look and has the finesse of a dress shoe, coupled with the attitude of an ankle boot and the great feel of a moccasin. 

Single and Double Monk Strap Options

Choose between a single buckle or double buckle, depending on your personal preference. Both are outstanding and will work with whatever is in your wardrobe. You will also sometimes see styles that have three buckles, but they tend to take this classic a little too far over the top. By the time you get those 3-buckle shoes broken in, their flash-in-the-pan trend will have faded. Stick with one or two buckles. You also want to select a pair made of fine Italian leather or a supple exotic skin. Both materials offer superb performance, durability, and the reassurance that you never again have to compromise comfort for style.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a high-quality shoe is not a decision to be taken lightly. But a pair of Monk Strap shoes is one of the wisest decisions a man can make. That’s because it’s virtually the only extraordinarily comfortable shoe that does double duty while keeping in step with timeless, head-turning appeal that’s as unique as you. Take care of them as you would any top-notch leather shoe and you’ll wear them for decades to come, as your return on that investment continues to deliver value.

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