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Ostrich Leather: Supple Yet Tough

Ostrich Leather: Supple Yet Tough

The majority of consumers know very little about exotic ostrich leather. After all, items made from it are generally only available in high-end or handcrafted pieces like jackets, boots, shoes, and belts.

But familiarize yourself with ostrich leather and it may become one of the most versatile and visible components of your wardrobe. You’ll realize what many leather crafters have known for generations. Ostrich is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, leathers on earth. 

What Distinguishes Ostrich Footwear? 

Ostrich leather footwear is synonymous with luxury, not just because of its soft and buttery character but because it represents a great deal of painstaking, skillful labor. Many hours are devoted to processing this exotic leather.

There is also the rarity factor, because only a small amount of leather can be harvested from an ostrich. Unlike heavier and more dense leather, ostrich also is very breathable, adding to its comfort for stylish, fashionable footwear. 

Ostrich is Lightweight and Soft 

Ostrich is relatively thin and pliable compared to most other leathers. Bullhide, for example, tends to be thick and stiff, making it the most common choice for work boots and saddles. But a thick leather can add lots of weight, which is certainly not ideal if you are making a dress shoe or non-work boot.

By comparison, ostrich is significantly lighter. A good pair of shoes or boots made from ostrich can be worn all day and never make your feet tired from lugging around heavy clunkers. 

Ostrich Leg and Quill 

Leather derived from the ostrich leg has organic patterns and subtle textures, which give each shoe or boot its own unique aesthetic. Some pieces of the leather resemble alligator scales. Others have a subtle pebble-type pattern and texture. They can be crafted on the shoe or boot to highlight their uniqueness and showcase the patterns.

Ostrich quill, on the other hand, is the bumpy part of the leather where the feathers of the world’s largest bird were attached. The bumps may be prominent and raised, or slight but still bumpy to the touch. Ostrich leather can also be smooth as silk, especially between the quills. 

Surprising Durability 

What really puts ostrich in a class of its own is the fact that it has an elegant, buttery smooth softness, plus the tough durability that makes it suitable for daily wear. Despite feeling and looking so exquisite, it’s not delicate or prone to punctures and rips.

For one thing, ostrich leather has natural oils that help keep it from drying out and cracking. You’ll probably want to baby it with some shoe care, but may not have to. Ostrich leather can hold its own just fine. But as it punches above its weight against most other leathers, it looks gorgeous doing so. That’s exactly what you want in a fashionable shoe or boot leather.

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