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Why Every Man Needs a Tailor

Why Every Man Needs a Tailor

While it may not be possible or practical for you to wear bespoke clothes made specifically for you, there is still a way you can achieve that made-to-order look. All it takes is a skillful tailor or seamstress who can help transform off-the-rack clothing into a personalized, one-of-a-kind wardrobe. 

The Value of a Tailored Fit 

Everyone’s aware that the rich and famous employ their own personal tailors. Whenever a new James Bond movie comes out, there’s usually one scene in the film where 007 is fitted for a gorgeous new suit, made to order. Clothes that are made to fit elevate your look in an incomparable way, so that instead of just hanging on your body they skim your silhouette, move with you gracefully, and flatter your overall appearance. Best of all, tailored clothing makes you feel better in your own skin, so you exude an attractive confidence and magnetic charisma.

What a Tailor Can Do for You 

Even well-made clothes from top-notch designer labels and stores don’t fit perfectly. Sleeves usually need to be altered a quarter-inch or more, slacks may not break across the top of the shoe just right, and inseams may need adjustment. Sometimes just letting out the waist a little or tucking a seam for a slimmer fit is all it takes.

But once you’ve experienced the look and feel of exquisitely-tailored clothing you’ll never look back. A qualified tailor or seamstress will have you try on the item, then use pins or a piece of chalk to mark where to make precise alterations. Come back a few days later and the clothing will be the same, but how it fits will be visibly and beautifully changed.

Typical Alterations

Some of the most common and effective alterations also happen to be among the simplest and least expensive. It’s easy for a tailor to adjust the waist or the length of pants, shirt sleeves, and coat sleeves. They can remove the cuffs in slacks if you don’t want them, or add them to slacks that still have unfinished legs and enough extra fabric.

If you need a button sewed on, or want to change the buttons to ones that are more stylish, they can also do that very easily. More complicated alterations can include loosening or tightening the seat of the pants or the fit of a jacket. If you have a coat with a satin lining that is coming unsewn, take it to a seamstress and she can put it back together good as new. 

A Robust Return on Investment 

You may only need to spend a few dollars to enjoy a significant upgrade, and even rather involved tailoring will likely cost just a fraction of the original cost of the wardrobe item. That makes the return on your investment a real bargain, and it’s hard to put a price on the benefit of achieving an ideal fit that makes you look fabulous. Finish the tailored look with a pair of handsome dress shoes or boots, and you’ll have a signature million-dollar wardrobe.

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