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Show You’re a Proper Gentleman by Heeding These Dating Tips

Show You’re a Proper Gentleman by Heeding These Dating Tips

The first date is always an exciting event.  

You’re getting the chance to meet someone new and if things go well, that person you’re on a date with could become a larger part of your life moving forward. To improve the chances of the first date going well, you will need to make a stellar first impression, but how exactly do you accomplish that?

Is it as simple as wearing a suit and some good perfume? Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

Impressing your date requires more effort than that.

This article will focus on the things you absolutely must do before going on your first date and over the course of it. These dating tips will not guarantee you a second date, but they will ensure that you present the best version of yourself.


Dress Appropriately

Given how well regarded the suit is and how it is considered as this iconic piece of men’s clothing, you would assume that wearing it on your first date is a foolproof strategy. The suit is not always appropriate for dates, however.

Unless the person you’re seeing is someone you already know and you agreed to go to a fancy spot for your first date, wearing a suit can be a bit much. Plus, that wardrobe choice may cause your date to feel intimidated and you don’t want that.

At the same time, you can’t be too casual with your clothing choices either. As noted by the Art of Manliness, dressing well for your date shows respect.

A good way to go about putting together your first date wardrobe is to mimic your office attire. Wearing a nice dress shirt is a wise move and you can pair that with some neatly pressed slacks.

Dress shoes also work well for a first date. Just make sure that they have been polished.

Make it almost impossible for your date to resist your charms by dressing appropriately.


Be Punctual

Being late is never a good thing.

It doesn’t give off a good impression if you’re habitually late for work and it will similarly be to your disadvantage if you are unable to meet your date on time. Once again, this all comes down to respect.

Arriving on time shows that you care a lot about this date and that you are fully invested in it.

Ensure that you will indeed be able to meet your date on time by checking the traffic report ahead of your departure. See if there are any roads that may be under construction. If you believe that you may get held up in traffic, go ahead and leave earlier than you normally would.

You and your date can share a laugh about you arriving early, but being late is not something to smile about.


Show Courtesy throughout Your Date

We all have this idea of what a gentleman should do on a date such as pulling up the chair for your date, holding open doors, and other similarly chivalrous gestures. Being chivalrous is fine especially if your date is receptive to it, but don’t forget about the importance of being courteous too.

Thank the waiters and servers as appropriate, be patient if your food is taking a while, and simply avoid being rude. You should do all of those things regardless of whether you’re on a date or not but be extra mindful of them on that special night.

Dating can be difficult because even if you do everything right, you can’t overcome a lack of chemistry. However, you can improve your odds of sparking a lasting romance by being a perfect gentleman on your first date.

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