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Keep Yourself from Gorging over the Holidays with These Helpful Pointers

Keep Yourself from Gorging over the Holidays with These Helpful Pointers

The holidays are nearly here and arriving along with them are countless temptations to partake in delicious food. After nearly 11 months of disciplining yourself and adhering to a strict diet, you can undo a lot of that hard work by gorging yourself on the holiday buffet.

If only the holiday spread wasn’t so bad for your belly…*sigh* But then again, part of what makes the holidays so much fun is that you get to enjoy good food in the company of even better people.

Avoiding good food this holiday season is clearly not an option, but one thing you can do is manage your food intake better. The tips included in this article should help you navigate the holiday table more adeptly and ensure that your body won’t take on excess pounds heading into the new year.


Get a Good Night of Sleep before the Holiday Feast

Want to make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed by that desire to just stuff yourself silly with food come dinner time? One of the secrets is to sleep well the night before.

According to the CDC, people have a tendency to eat more when they lack sleep. Furthermore, people also show a preference for fatty and sugary foods when they are sleep-deprived.

Hopefully, you don’t have to do much the day before the celebration so that you can get in somewhere around seven to eight hours of sleep.


Manage Your Alcohol Intake Carefully

Most people don’t have to worry about going to work during the holiday season. Because being hungover in the office is no longer a concern, people feel like drinking more alcoholic beverages during holiday celebrations.

As long as you’re a responsible adult, having a few drinks is fine, but you should know that your alcohol intake can have a significant impact on your holiday eating habits.

According to Harvard Health, alcohol can cause you to eat more by increasing your appetite. The alcohol can also inhibit your ability to moderate your food consumption.

Have a few drinks and before you know it, you may already be on your third plate of turkey.

If you are going to have a few drinks, it’s not a bad idea to save them until the food has been put away.


Make Room for Vegetables on Your Plate

Turkey, other roast meats, and pastries are often the stars of holiday spreads, but the items you will want to pay the most attention to as a weight-conscious diner are the vegetables. While alcohol excels at increasing your appetite, vegetables have the opposite effect.

Plus, vegetables offer nutrients that are always welcome in any diet.

Make the vegetables on the holiday table more appealing by roasting them and coating them with your favorite herbs and spices.


Take Your Time while Eating

Last up, don’t forget to just take things slowly while you’re eating.

Interestingly enough, it can take a few minutes before your brain starts to recognize that you are already full. Because of that, you may still feel like you can eat more even if you’ve had plates full of food.

The key here is to wait in between servings. Allow 10 to 20 minutes to pass before you decide if you want more food.

By being a more patient eater, you can feel satisfied by the holiday meal without gorging on food.

The temptation to overeat during the holidays will be constant, but you don’t have to give in. The tips included in this article will help you fully enjoy the fantastic holiday offerings without going overboard with your food consumption.

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