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Snapshots of Style: A Look at Men's Fashion in 2009 and 2019

Snapshots of Style: A Look at Men's Fashion in 2009 and 2019

man in suit

Certain elements of men’s fashion will always be considered stylish.

Black dress shoes? You can bet that they will always be welcome additions any wardrobe. A finely tailored suit is also a must-have item and the same can even be said for a good leather jacket.

Not everything remains in style though.

There was a time not too long ago when fedoras were everywhere. These days, the fedora has fallen by the wayside in terms of being a popular piece of male clothing.

Looking back on the trends of yesterday and comparing them to what’s in style can be a fun and informative exercise. By comparing the various trends, you can get a general idea of the characteristics that define stylish clothing.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the different trends that were in style back in 2009 and those that are thriving today.

2009 Trend: Hip-Hop and Skater Aesthetics

2019 Trend: Informal Suits

Fashion doesn’t always play by the rules. There’s always a desire harbored by some to break free from the constraints of what is considered fashionable to bring out their own personal style.

Back in 2009, this rebellious attitude manifested itself in the form of more and more men opting to bring hip-hop and skater wear into the world of high fashion. Sneakers became immensely popular and they were often paired with skinny or baggy jeans.

Accessorizing meant wearing leather bracelets or designer baseball caps. Very few rules of men’s fashion were followed and that led to the birth of designer streetwear.

Today, the rules of men’s fashion are being broken in a different way.

Along with the classic tailored suits, more designers are now coming out with their own takes on casual suits. As noted by Highsnobiety, the notion that suits always have to be formal is now being put to the test.

2009 Trend: Neon Colors

2019 Trend: Shiny Fabrics

Being fashionable can sometimes mean being bold. In an attempt to stand out, many people like to feature bright colors in their clothing.

A decade ago, that meant wearing articles of clothing that featured neon colors. Nothing was off limits.

Whether it was shirts, pants, shoes, or even accessories, you could count on seeing them dressed up in the brightest hues.

These days, it’s not so much about the colors of the clothes as it is about the fabrics they’re made out of. Shiny fabrics are trending currently and they are being used to make shirts, jackets, and even pants.

It’s always easier to get noticed when you’re wearing something bright. The trends that have emerged over the past 10 years or so would seem to indicate that we have grown quite fond of standing out.

2009 Trend: Military-Inspired Clothing

2019 Trend: Windbreaker Jackets

Military-inspired clothing became hugely popular last decade. According to this post on, those military-themed articles of clothing became so popular that they were even used as every day wear. Because of how durable they were, it also made sense that people wore them on a daily basis.

So, what’s taken the place of military-inspired clothing?

In a way, you can think of windbreaker jackets as the modern day replacements for military-themed gear. Men’s Health notes that windbreaker jackets are particularly prized now for their blending of style and durability.

It’s always good to have clothes that can last for years, which is why it makes sense that those aforementioned pieces of clothing have been embraced by men.

Fashion is constantly evolving, but in some ways, it also stays the same. While the trends of yesteryear may end up getting replaced, the ones that take their place may still be remarkably similar. For those looking to predict how style will change next, looking to the past for some guidance will likely help.

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