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The Five Essential Types of Dress Shoes That Belong in the Male Wardrobe

The Five Essential Types of Dress Shoes That Belong in the Male Wardrobe


In order to properly prepare yourself for the daily grind of the corporate world, you need to learn everything you can about your job and understand how to act professionally within the office setting. Having the right attitude is also crucial to surviving in what can sometimes be a very cutthroat environment.

On top of all that, you also have to know how to project the right image. If you want to be seen as a professional, you have to look the part too.

By picking up the dress shoes listed below, you will be able to stock your closet with all the footwear you need to take the right steps in the professional world. 


You can tell if you’re looking at brogue shoes by checking out the patterning. Brogues often have small holes that spread throughout the body of the shoe. Many, many years ago, these holes worked as a kind of drainage system, but today, they are iconic design elements.

The beauty of the brogue shoe is that it is remarkably versatile. You can wear it together with your best suit or dress them down a bit by pairing them with jeans. In either case, you can count on the brogues looking spectacular.

Belvedere’s Nino shows how the classic form of the brogue can be improved upon further. 


The oxfords are likely what most people picture when they’re thinking of men’s dress shoes.

Oxfords are known by the closed laces and their very minimalist design. When shopping for oxfords, you can also expect the selection to feature the classic colors of black and brown prominently.

Because of how they’re designed, oxfords pair exceptionally well with suits and tuxedos. You will never feel underdressed with these shoes on your feet.

Check out the Mare from Belvedere if you want to see why oxfords are considered among the most beautiful men’s shoes. 

Monk Strap Shoes

If you’re still looking for dress shoes to wear to formal events, you may want to consider investing in a pair of monk strap shoes.

Whether you’ve chosen to purchase a single or double strap monk shoe, you can still expect it to fit in well within a formal setting. What’s so great about the monk strap shoes is that you can play around with them more.

You are typically given more color options to choose from when buying monk strap shoes. It’s also up to you if you wear them with or without socks.

The Amico from Belvedere Shoes is a good option to look at if you’re interested in purchasing some monk strap shoes. 


Though you’re picking out dress shoes that will you look more professional, you can’t just overlook how comfortable the shoe is. For some, the options listed above may feel too heavy or confining for their feet.

Loafers represent a good alternative for those seeking greater comfort in their dress shoes. It’s difficult to make the case that loafers are more formal than brogues, oxfords, or monk strap shoes, but they are still welcome within the office setting.

If you’re on a short break and want to give your feet a bit of a rest too, you can easily slip them out if you have loafers on.

In search of loafers that bring together comfort and styling expertly, you may want to try out Belvedere's Joseph, part of our 2020 Spring Collection.

Driving Shoes

Driving shoes are pretty similar to loafers. They’re both easy to wear and take off and they also feel light and very comfortable.

The biggest difference is that driving shoes feature specially designed soles that are meant to help with driving. You don’t need a car to own driving shoes though. If you simply want comfy shoes to wear throughout the year, driving shoes could be what you need.

Belvedere’s Omar is an example of a driving shoe that can offer both terrific comfort and bold styling.

Now you know about the five types of dress shoes that you need to own. With all five in your collection, you can switch things up every now and then and mix up your looks better. The aforementioned shoes will make dressing up for your day job an enjoyable activity instead of one you have to stress out over.
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