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Style for Spring Holidays

Style for Spring Holidays

Style for Spring Holidays

By Adeline J. Wells

Fingers are still crossed but we may have turned a corner; spring finally seems to be in the air.  The holidays during this season possess a different feel than those that occur during other times of the year. There is a lightness with them: a joy following winter’s chill, when we are reunited with friends and family outdoors once again.  This year, consider sprucing up your spring holiday style with a few tips below, including a pair of our favorite Belvedere shoes.

Brighter Color and Patterns

Lightening the mood of your winter wardrobe can be easily done by infusing it with more color and print.  Pastels are commonly associated with this season, and for good reason; the soft colors embody the gentle transcendence of spring without overwhelming with hue.  Subtle patterns are also a favorite way to brighten a holiday look, such as gingham or railroad stripes.


Material is another factor that can have a significant impact on the feel of an outfit.  Opting for clothing made from lightweight, absorbent textiles such as linen will make the transition to mild weather more comfortable, and more fashionable as well!  Well known for its moisture wicking capabilities, linen shirts and pants are an excellent choice when looking to match the mood of spring for the holiday.

Tie it Up

While still popular, neckties often feel too formal when paired with a relaxed holiday outfit.  Consider opting for a skinny tie or a bowtie to add a bit of a flair to your look without the stuffiness. Skinny ties tend to have a more casual appeal to them, while bowties always supply a fun twist.  Finding either in a floral print or pattern can add a colorful splash to an otherwise neutral look.

We are always fans of jewelry on men, especially when paired with a holiday outfit.  Contemplate opting for a simple style to add some visual appeal to your look.  A thin chain peeking out from under a button- up shirt is always a favorite, or a string of pearls atop a classic t-shirt. Whether traditional round or organic, natural shapes, pearls are one piece jewelry will always add a beautiful touch.


Of course, the perfect pair of spring shoes will always finish off the outfit for your spring holiday.  At Belvedere, we favor our Matteo loafer to pair with any holiday look.  Crafted from Genuine Shark Leather, this shoe has beautiful textural detailing similar to a subtle cross hatch, featuring leather lining, stitching, and a clean leather sole.  Available in Brown and Blue Steel, the Matteo slip on shoe is the perfect fit to help you slip into a light spring mood.

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