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The New Look of Footwear: Exotic Leather Goes Urban

The New Look of Footwear: Exotic Leather Goes Urban

Belvedere- Rino- Black- Crocodile- Calf

Belvedere Shoes was founded in 1986 with the idea of creating something beautiful. “Belvedere”, after all, means “a beautiful view” in Italian. For three decades, that something beautiful has been the Belvedere classic shoe such as the Batta with its classic lines and round, slender laces. Let’s not forget the ever-so-stylish Dino or the powerful-looking Lorenzos, made in Alligator ,which require people to sit up and take notice. Yes, Belvedere Shoes has put out dress shoes that definitely impress.

Now there’s an entirely new creature moving onto the streets of your city. Maybe you didn’t notice because the new season isn’t fully on. Maybe you haven’t looked at the Belvedere online catalog for a while. Or maybe you’ve been so focused on the shiny dress ups that you’ve missed the not-so-shiny dress downs.

Yes, gentlemen, Belvedere Shoes is taking the ‘gator and his striking cousins onto the urban paths. As if a genuine pair of exotic leather dress shoes weren’t comfortable enough, we’ve taken that comfort and wrapped it around your feet in pure street style.

Take, for example, the Omar.  The shoe itself is made of pure ostrich and the inside is lined with the same soft glove leather you’ve come to expect in our dress shoes. This driver is cushioned for comfort, with a rubber soled for durability. The shoe is available in Back and Brandy.

Then again, you can make a statement with a pair of Rino’s, made of crocodile, suede, and calf. Soft, comfortable to wear, easy on the eyes, and they come in three colors. You could have a pair of Honey Rino’s that go with your best denim jeans and another pair of black Rino’s that goes with… well, anything.

Regardless of what you do, remember that style stretches beyond the dress shoes and suits into every path of life. Whether you’re walking the star-studded paths of Hollywood, the eight blocks of Wall Street, the back alleys of Compton or the fields of football in Pittsburgh, make sure you look good doing it.

Having swag isn’t enough. Having belvedere is the top of the game.

Stay tuned for the new urban foot wear line from Belvedere Shoes, hitting the shelves in August 2018.

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