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The Origins of the Monk Strap Shoes

The Origins of the Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes can be used elements of everyday office attire or for attending more formal events. They are good alternatives to the more conventional dress shoes that are widely available.

But, did you ever wonder about what led to the creation of the first pair of monk strap shoes or even why they are named as such?

As it turns out, monk strap shoes are named that way because they are essentially the more refined version of the footwear monks wore centuries ago.

According to the Gentleman's Gazette, the monk strap shoes were invented back in the 15th century by an unnamed monk who lived in the Alps. The unnamed monk was trying to create special sandals and ended up with the shoes instead.

An article from He Spoke Style notes that monks were looking for more protective footwear back then. That's understandable considering how cold it must have been up in the Alps.

Obviously, monk strap shoes would not be as prevalent as they are now if only monks were wearing them, so how did they reach the general population?

The Gentleman's Gazette notes that the origin story of the monk strap shoe is believed to feature the involvement of a gentleman from England who noticed the shoes while paying a visit to the monks. The story goes that the gentleman was then given a pair to take back home with him.

Once the gentleman made it back to England, locals saw the early monk strap shoes and immediately fell in love with their design.

Monk strap shoes would then rise in popularity as more and more people looked at them as alternatives to the more conventional dress shoes.

These days, monk strap shoes now come in various forms. You can still find the more traditional variants that come with cap toes, but you can also see hybrids such as boots that feature monk straps. Some variants even come equipped with double monk straps.

It's not surprising to learn that monk strap shoes have managed to stick around for so long despite their humble beginnings.

As noted earlier, these shoes are good alternatives to the more common dress shoes that men often wear as parts of their formal ensembles. Monk strap shoes are also quite comfortable which makes them suitable to be worn on a regular basis. Furthermore, monk strap shoes simply look good. Their styling may be considered simple, but it is still undeniably appealing.

If you don't have a pair of monk strap shoes in your closet just yet, then why not look into getting Belvedere's Oscar. The Oscar features a more modern take on the monk strap shoe as evidenced by the presence of the two buckles and the plain toe form.

The design of the Oscar is understated enough to fit in well within a formal setting, but when paired with certain items, you can bring out its flashier side.

Monk strap shoes have been around for centuries and they are not going away anytime soon. Considering the combination of style and comfort they deliver, any man can benefit from owning some high quality monk strap shoes.

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