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Three Key Shoes for Your Summer Wardrobe

Three Key Shoes for Your Summer Wardrobe

Three Key Shoes for Your Summer Wardrobe

By Adeline J. Wells


The days continue growing longer, the sun warmer; there is no denying that summer is now upon us.  As we gradually shift from one season to the next, we are reminded that our footwear is, more often than not, in need of a shift as well.  Here are the three styles that you need in your wardrobe to keep you comfortable this summer:



Of course, nothing evokes the sentiment of warm weather like a fresh summer sandal.  The world of men’s sandals has not always been as robust as that of women’s styles, and in the past would consist of foam flip flops, rubber slides, or other typical “dad sandal” silhouettes.  Fortunately, fashion has evolved to recognize that gents deserve easy, breezy, stylish summer footwear too.  Passing on the synthetic materials, consider opting instead for sandals made from leather; a simple swap that easily elevates any look.  Popular designs include twists on a traditional oxford shoe with cutouts, or variations on traditional Mexican huarache leather sandals.  Choosing a sandal with a closed toe will help take any beachy look to night seamlessly.



While popular all year round, the loafer is a favorite during warm months in particular.  The easy, slip-on-slip-off style oozes a laid back appeal; exactly what we want for those long summer days.  As opposed to the pairs you might wear during autumn and winter, the summer loafer carries a different sort of energy, and should be selected as such.  Swap out your darker colored, sophisticated loafers for a pair in a lighter hue, such as a warm brown, cream, or even a pastel.  This season may be the time to experiment with design features that you haven’t before, such as the duality of a two-toned leather shoe, tassels, or patterned designs.  Summer is about ease and fun; don’t hesitate to play around with your style as well.



The influx of warm, beautiful weather prompts the desire to be outside; taking strolls, going to parks, and just being in nature.  We firmly believe that comfort is key in fashion; for this reason, sneakers should have a place in every gentleman’s wardrobe, no matter their role or age.  This summer, consider choosing a sneaker that has flair; one that balances the world of style with a casual feel.


At Belvedere, we pride ourselves in bridging two worlds, bringing the class of elevated Italian leather into the realm of athleisure. Our Bene Shoe is a favorite for this reason.  Crafted from Genuine Ostrich and Calf leather, the Bene is a narrow, form-fitting sneaker that remains sleek.  The two leathers are woven together to create a mod design; available in both black and white, intricate details add texture to the cushiony rubber sole. Featuring a tiny silver crocodile on the laces, the Bene will have you walking in comfort and style all summer long.

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