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Cities with the Best Men’s Fashion

Cities with the Best Men’s Fashion

Cities with the Best Men’s Fashion

By Adeline J. Wells


Fashion is a global phenomenon, yet there are certain places that endure as hubs in the industry.  Whether it is the craftsmanship, the roster of name-brand designers, or the streetwear embedded in the culture, different places sport their own widely revered twist on modern menswear.  Here are a few of the top cities for men’s fashion today:



Milan is hailed as one of the top fashion capitals of the world, and with good reason.  The city is known for the array of high-end fashion houses that call the Italian city home, including Armani, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana. In addition to these luxury brands, Milan is also a hub for bespoke tailors and suit shops. If you have an appetite for quality, name-brand clothing, this city is one whose streets you will definitely be walking in style.



Fashion in Japan’s capital city is known for its attention to detail, as well as its specialty of high-end, custom tailors that cater specifically to the client at hand. Tokyo is a notable center for quality artisanship for suits and dress shoes, which makes it a key city in the world of bespoke men’s formal wear.  Tailors with refined skills can be found at department stores in the Ginza district, as well as small local tailor shops.  Further, Tokyo has made its mark with its own twist on streetwear styles, notably with popular brands such as BAPE and Neighborhood.



Simplicity is key when it comes to fashion designs in the Nordic nations; for this reason, Stockholm is well recognized as one of the key international players in men’s fashion today.  The city has grown to be the focal point for the minimalist fashion trends that are growing in popularity across Europe in particular, drawing in contrast to maximalism typically found in other hubs such as New York or Tokyo.  Boutique design brands such as Acne Studios, Our Legacy, and Gabucci hold the helm for procuring chic, yet simple style innovation. 


New York City

Widely considered one of the largest cultural melting pots in the world, it is no surprise that New York City is where the wide ranges of fashion come together and blend as well.  The city has borne witness to nearly every fashion trend that overtakes America, from luxury to Americana and vintage.  Deeply influenced by the culture of hip-hop and street art, New York has also birthed a plethora of streetwear labels who remain leaders in modern fashion, including Supreme, Awake NY, and Public School.  The resulting reputation is one that holds its own across the many facets of the industry today; whatever your tastes, New York has something for everyone.


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