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How to Wear All Your Leather Items Properly

How to Wear All Your Leather Items Properly


Do you love wearing leather?

Do you simply adore the way leather shines when the light hits it at just the right angle? Do you also take pride in being able to care for your leather belongings in such a way that they remain in pristine condition even years after you purchased them?

If you answered with a resounding “yes” to all the previous questions, then you’re a bonafide leather aficionado.

You’re not alone as well. A lot of men have a fondness for all things leather. However, not everyone has a firm grasp on how they should coordinate the leather items they want to wear so that they can create a more cohesive and appealing look.

Admittedly, correctly coordinating your look when leather items are involved is tougher to pull off because those elements are not exactly known for their understated appearance. Still, that task can be completed if you are aware of some important guidelines.

First off, we have to build from the ground up. That means starting with your leather shoes.

Depending on what type of leather shoes you like to wear, these items can either be complementary pieces or they could serve as the focal points of your ensemble.

When it comes to your leather shoes, their color needs to sync up with something else you’re wearing, and preferably, that something is your leather belt. This doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Just go with the tried and tested move of making sure that your leather belt and leather shoes are in the same color range.

Black shoes must go with black belts, and brown shoes should be paired with brown belts. Now, you do have to account for the variations of brown leather. As much as possible, wear the lighter shades of brown together and do the same thing for the darker hues.

Even if you venture into wearing blue or red leather items, you still need to follow the rule of matching your shoes with your belt if you want to feature the best look possible.

Things get trickier when you have to bring other leather accessories into the mix. What should you do about the leather strap of your watch or your leather wallet? Do you need to change those to better harmonize your look?

Thankfully, there’s no reason for you to spend a significant part of your morning figuring out which leather watch strap you should have on your wrist today. If the strap’s color can line up with your belt and shoes, then that’s great, but you don’t have to go out of your way just to make that happen.

With regards to your wallet, just make sure you like the way it looks and it will be fine.

More than a few gentlemen out there are big on wearing leather jackets and understandably so. A good leather jacket is emblematic of classic, masculine style.

If you’re considering wearing a leather jacket together with your leather belt and leather shoes, then you will want to create a bit of contrast. Complement your lighter shoes and belt with a leather jacket that features a deeper and richer shade of brown.

You can wear a black leather jacket, a black leather belt, and black leather shoes together if you want to, but make sure that the shirt you’re wearing underneath the jacket has some color.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to properly mix and match the leather items in your closet. This fine material definitely belongs in your wardrobe, but it is still important to pay attention to making the right pairings if you want the looks you’re creating to turn out great.

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