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What Role Should Wingtip Shoes Have in the Male Wardrobe?

What Role Should Wingtip Shoes Have in the Male Wardrobe?


The gentlemen of today have more options than ever when it comes to footwear.

If you’re a huge fan of bold style and unconventional color combinations, sneakers are probably more your speed. Those who prefer something more casual and relaxed will love loafers. For the gentlemen who love classical styling, nothing will top the oxfords.

Identifying the ideal environments for using those aforementioned shoe types is easy. Things get a little trickier when we’re talking about other variants. Wingtip shoes, for example, don’t necessarily have a neatly defined niche to cater to.

To learn more about when you should and shouldn’t wear your favorite pair of wingtips, it helps to look at the characteristics of this particular shoe type and how it compares to others.

A More Casual Look Inspired by Its Origins

Previously, I discussed the history of the wingtip shoe and how it has roots in Ireland and Scotland. Back then, wingtips were always referred to as brogues and they were used to cross through wet locations because the holes carved into them allowed for the quicker removal of water.

That connection to brogues is also part of the reason why many wingtips are not considered ideal for the most formal gatherings and events.

Because of the detailing found on some wingtip shoes, they are considered to not be as fit for formal occasions as oxford and derby shoes. To be clear, you can still pair wingtips together with a suit, but if it’s a party that requires donning a tuxedo, you may want to use something other than your brogues/wingtips.

In this case, the shoes that can be described as brogues and wingtips should be regarded as examples of footwear that are just a notch below the oxford and derby options in terms of formality.

A Variant for the Most Formal Events

Now we understand that the brogues that can also double as wingtips should not be your first choice to wear if you’re heading to a formal event, but does that mean that apply to all types of wingtips? The answer is no.

There are indeed variants of wingtip shoes that can fit in perfectly into formal settings. The most notable example is the austerity brogue.

What makes the austerity brogue different from the many other types of wingtip shoes is that its design is decidedly simpler. The small holes are gone and the detailing is expressed in the form of elegant stitching that runs the length of the shoe.

Austerity brogues also feature laces that are flush with the upper portion of the shoe.

According to Fashion Beans, the simplified styling of the austerity brogues is what makes them more suitable for the fanciest of events.

Should You Invest in a Pair of Wingtip Shoes?

You may be tempted to pass on wingtips if you already have oxfords or derby shoes in your closet. However, wingtips, such as our own Boscos, are still well worth your money because of how versatile they are.

Even the most formal austerity brogues can pair easily with your favorite pair of jeans.

The men out there seeking versatile shoes to add to their collection should seriously consider purchasing a pair of good wingtips next.
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