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Put Together the ‘Last Suit You’ll Ever Wear’ with This 'Men in Black' Cosplay Guide

Put Together the ‘Last Suit You’ll Ever Wear’ with This 'Men in Black' Cosplay Guide

Image from the Men in Black franchise

The “Men in Black” movie franchise has given us some fantastic movie moments of the years. Along the way, we’ve been able to witness some memorable action sequences as well as some truly emotional scenes.

Of course, the “MIB” series has done more than just treat fans to hours upon hours of movie magic. Ever since making its debut way back in 1997, this particular series has also helped many people out there realize just how stylish a simple black suit can be.

With the series making its return to the big screen earlier this year in “Men in Black: International,” this coming Halloween presents fans with a great opportunity to pay tribute to the iconic look and show it off at the parties they’ll be attending.

If you are also interested in recreating this ultra-stylish sci-fi ensemble, then please read on.

A Special Kind of Black Suit

The black suit is obviously the most essential part of any “Men in Black” cosplay.

As you have probably already guessed, the suits featured in the latest installment of the series are not exactly the same ones you’ll find in stores. For the movie, costume designer Penny Rose partnered with famed tailor Paul Smith to create the suits worn by stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

Speaking to GQ, Smith said that the suits were “simple,” but he also hinted that extra care went into the tailoring to ensure that they would look great onscreen.

Rose also shared one of the secrets behind the making of the suits. During an interview with Collider, Rose revealed that Smith used travel cloth to create the outfits. The travel cloth allows the suits to be more elastic and the fabric also ensures that they will be ready to wear even coming right out of a suitcase.

You can find a travel-friendly suit of your own by checking out this article from Travel and Leisure.

To complement your suit, make sure you find a dress shirt that can also remain in good shape even while on-the-go. Macy’s has a selection of wrinkle-free dress shirts that should provide you with the item you need.

Spectacular Spectacles

Even though the suit is the most important element of the “Men in Black” ensemble, you simply cannot have a complete costume without getting the sunglasses right. I mean, without the glasses, how else would you shield yourself from the effects of the Neuralyzer?

For the glasses, Like a Film Star recommends fetching a pair of Ray-Ban’s RB2027 Predator 2 Rectangular Sunglasses. You’ll have to spend a bit to get the aforementioned item, but it’s a good purchase since you’ll be able to use it even when you’re not in full “Men in Black” cosplay.

The Rest of the Look

To complete the rest of your cosplay, make sure that you get a solid black tie. You don’t want anything too slim though, so see that is has some body to it.

For your footwear, a classic pair of black dress shoes should suffice. Belvedere’s Mare is a good pickup if you want to add some extra flourish to your ensemble. The shine of those shoes should pair well with the rest of your outfit.
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