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When Are the Best Times for Men to Wear Brightly Colored Shoes?

When Are the Best Times for Men to Wear Brightly Colored Shoes?

brightly colored shoes

The typical color options for men’s shoes are quite limited. Black, white, brown, oxblood, tan, and maybe some blue – those are the color options usually presented to men when they go shopping for new shoes.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with having shoes that feature those colors. We’re taught that you cannot go wrong by going with the classics and it’s certainly impossible to disagree with that notion when you see a well-polished pair of black dress shoes.

Even so, limiting yourself to that color palette would be doing yourself a disservice. Style is about expressing yourself through what you wear and no man can be defined by such a limited range of colors.

It’s time we open ourselves up to the idea of wearing more colorful examples of footwear. To help you see why integrating more color into your shoe collection is a great idea, I’ll be highlighting certain scenarios wherein wearing brightly colored shoes will help elevate your personal style.

Put On Some Brightly Colored Shoes to Liven Up Your Look

Many men default to wearing dark-colored clothes when they are heading out to a party or just hanging out with friends. It’s the safe move and it’s hard to blame any man who has grown comfortable with that habit.

There’s also nothing wrong with sporting that kind of look, but you can’t just go to it each and every time you’re going out.

In a scenario such as that, wearing some brightly colored shoes is an idea worth considering.

By finishing your look with a pair of boldly tinted shoes, you are breaking up the predictability of your outfit. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, right? After all, we can all benefit from adding some more exciting elements to our wardrobes.

Be as Bright as the Sun

Before you know it, this winter is going to give way to sunnier days and that’s the time of the year when you should feel free to experiment with adding more colors to your outfits. Colors like orange and green are going to pop under the summer sun and you want to use that to your advantage.

Just remember not to overdo it with the colors. If you’re going bright with your shoes, then balance them out with the rest of your outfit.

Statement Tees Pair Well with Statement Shoes

Statement tees don’t work for everyone, but if you do have a fondness for them, then it would be in your best interests to maximize their styling potential. Statement t-shirts even led themselves well to mixing and matching because they are available in such a wide array of colors.

You can’t just wear any statement tee with any pair of colorful shoes though. Pay attention to the colors of the shirt and your shoes and then proceed to coordinate them carefully.

To learn more about coordinating your brightly colored shoes with the rest of your outfit, please feel free to read on.

Some Tips to Remember When Wearing Brightly Colored Shoes

This article from Fashion Beans highlights the importance of letting your brightly colored shoes serve as the showpiece of your outfit. Play off of them by wearing more neutral or contrasting colors.

You’ll also want to avoid featuring a single, bright color throughout your outfit. Remember that those shoes are supposed to add something different to your look, so don’t drown them out by wearing similarly colored hats or shirts.

Lastly, don’t forget to show off your shoes. You’re taking a chance in wearing them, so do that proudly. Make sure that your pants don’t hang too low to the point that they’re obscuring your shoes.

The prospect of wearing brightly colored shoes may be intimidating at first, but once you see how well they can enhance your personal style, you’ll definitely want to add more of them to your collection.

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