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Help Us Celebrate Your Sense of Style with #lovemybelvederes

Help Us Celebrate Your Sense of Style with #lovemybelvederes


For years, our customers have told us how much they love us and our products, something every company wants to hear.  For years, we’ve just smiled in satisfaction, knowing that we make top notch men’s shoes that our customers enjoy wearing.

Now, we want to give back. We want to showcase you, our customers, and celebrate your sense of style. Participants will receive a special offer on their next purchase, as well as be featured in our blog.

How It Works

It’s simple, fun, and quick.

  1. Take a picture, or even a few pictures – go ham with your cam – and post the images to your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtags #lovemybelvederes and #belvedereshoes.
  2. Fill out our brief questionnaire. It’s 8 questions and only takes about 5 minutes.
  3. You get a special offer for your participation.
  4. If we decide to use your response on our blog, we’ll notify you via email.
  5. Share your style with the world!

Thank you for more than 40 years of helping us provide you with an excellent brand and product. We love our customers, and we look forward to meeting you through the #lovemybelvederes campaign!

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