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Which Shoes Should I Wear This Fall?

Which Shoes Should I Wear This Fall?


The transition from warm weather to fall dressing is often associated with swapping out T-shirts with sweaters. You can start wearing heavier fabrics to combat the cold. But, fall fashion is more than just coats and cardigans. An essential part of the changeover is what you wear on your feet.

Shoes have to be both stylish and functional, especially when the weather demands increased foot protection. Here are some of this year's top shoe trends, adapted for the colder season.

1. Up your sneaker game 

Recent years show that we are in the middle of a sneaker renaissance and there are no signs that it is slowing down. One factor in the sneaker's popularity is its versatility. You can go for a pair of old-school kicks. Or, you can also go for high fashion. The materials are expanding to other options like suede. For fall, sneakers can be in a more durable material, like leather, to withstand the elements better.  

The Abreno is a great choice to get on board with this sartorial trend. It has the main characteristics of a true sneaker. It has a simple silhouette that ends with a slight curve at the toe. A cushion insole and rubber sole ensure comfort. But, those details are just the beginning. The Aberno takes your sneaker game further by its striking two-tone color palette. The material is calf leather. 

2. Go for Ankle-height shoes

Ankle-height shoes are a favorite during the fall season. They offer more coverage. They can also give your look a rock and roll edge. Another reason is that they are incredibly practical to wear in the fall season. Short-hemmed pants with a heavy cuff highlight these shoes well. You end up being on point when it comes to trends, but the length also ensures you don't have to deal with wet. dirty hems while trudging through the rain.  

If you want to try this trend, consider the David by Belvedere Studio. It is high-cut leather sneakers with an antique finish. It is made from calf leather and has rubber soles for comfort. David comes in three colors: cognac, burgundy, and charcoal. Another fall weather advantage? It has laces with hidden ends so they don't dangle out and get wet.

3. Go for bold shoes

Combat the dreariness of the cold with bold sartorial styles. Try the Bernardo II, a shoe that gives off a casual, sporty vibe. It has a cushioned insole and a leather sole. Its unique feature is its crocodile stamped calf-leather skin dyed blue. The Bernardo is not a shoe that is meant to stay in the background.

Fall lends itself well to more daring styles because of the variety of fabric and textures appropriate for it. Warm weather limits options to lighter fare like cotton. But, once the cold season starts, it is a free-for-all. You can wear leather. You can wear fur. Layering also provides a more interesting visual.

The shoes, of course, have to match the adventurousness. If you are thinking about trying a more striking aesthetic, fall is the time to do it. 

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