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Your Top Five Fashion Authorities

Your Top Five Fashion Authorities


Menswear Fashion - Your Top Five Fashion Authorities

Menswear is respectful of established rules. It is why those who can gain influence are held in such high regard. Here we list down the top fashion authorities that are stewards of classic tastes.


It is impossible to talk about fashion authorities and not mention GQ, a leading men’s magazine. For over 50 years, stories on fashion and culture have appeared in GQ. It is owned by Conde Nast and has millions of readers each month. Both the history and reach of GQ make it a powerful force in fashion.

GQ regularly features high-end brands, but its style is very much the modern man. A shoe like the Benjamin would feel right at home on its pages. The Benjamin is a sneaker made of calf leather with a leather cushion insole. It is the right mix of trend and function, which sums up the philosophy of GQ magazine.


Edward Enninful

Edward Enninful is the current Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue. This native of Ghana came to London with his parents. He began his career in fashion as a model but was drawn towards editorial production. He was later named fashion director at i-D Magazine, the youngest ever to hold the position.

The David shoe represents Enninful’s signature edgy look. It is a high-top sneaker made of calf leather. The antiqued finish elevates it to something more luxurious and sophisticated.

Mr. Porter

Menswear might like to play by the same rules, but it does not mind changing the venue. Mr. Porter is considered a fashion authority because it is the online retail destination of menswear. With over 450 brands available and shipping capability to 170 countries, it made the fashion world smaller and more accessible.

Mr. Porter gained recognition for its well-curated roster. If a product is in the shop, then you can be sure it has been thoroughly vetted by a team of fashion experts. The Bernardo II is a style that fits the Mr. Porter profile. It is a calf leather sneaker, with the unique feature of crocodile stamping.

Rachel Johnson

You may not have heard Rachel Johnson’s name before, but you have seen her work. Rachel Johnson is the stylist behind some of the best-dressed basketball players in the NBA. Her clients include Lebron James and J.R. Smith.

Where once players wore shorts and statement shirts, they now wear a fur-trimmed coat and Thom Browne. Thanks to Johnson’s influence, sports is no longer just about basketball shoes. It is now welcoming sleeker styles like the Baltazar, a lace-up sneaker with a zipper detail.

Pitti Uomo

People tend to associate Pitti Uomo street-style photography, capturing stylish men in their element. The event encouraged individuality. It is not unusual to see someone wear a shoe like Abreno, a distressed two-tone leather sneaker bursting with personality.

But, Pitti Uomo is more than just a showcase of personal tastes. It is a bi-annual trade show that draws brands from all over the world to showcase their collections to store buyers. Its influence is far-reaching because it has a hand in directing which trends will appear in the upcoming seasons.

Any of the above fashion authorities are worth paying attention to in your journey to a higher wardrobe standard. With Belvedere's you can step into high fashion and unbelievable comfort. Our new fall season is in - don't miss out!

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