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Bring Out the Best in Your Belts by Following These Matching Guidelines

Bring Out the Best in Your Belts by Following These Matching Guidelines
The belt can often be an overlooked element of a complete look.

Many men are content to just have a belt that fits them properly. They don’t really pay that much attention to whether the belt is adding anything of note to their overall appearance.

And that’s a shame.

When paired up with the right items and worn properly, the belt can immediately elevate a look. Worn a certain way, a specially designed belt can even work as the centerpiece of your look.

It’s about time that belts were finally recognized as the useful styling implements that they truly are. The tips included in this article will help you accomplish exactly that.

Dressing Formally? Keep the Golden Rule in Mind

Let’s start by figuring out how to wear the belt correctly if you’re heading to the office or to a formal shindig. There’s a golden rule here for you to remember and it simply reminds you to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes, according to the Effortless Gent.

More often than not, formal wear means that you have on a suit and tie or perhaps even a tuxedo. Your goal here isn’t to make the belt the attention-grabbing element of your outfit. Instead, you want your whole ensemble to be cohesive and complementary.

By wearing a belt that is color-coordinated with the other elements of your outfit, you are featuring a harmonious look that is classic but undeniably appealing. There are occasions when you don’t have to over-complicate things and simply sticking to the basics will do.

If you’re looking for a formal belt that can pull your look together, consider this black ostrich belt from Belvedere.

Casual Belts Offer Opportunities to Get Creative

You will always want to have at least one formal belt in your closet, but hopefully, you can add a few more belts to your wardrobe so that you can really push the envelope in terms of styling.

The great thing about casual belts is that they can instantly make your look more interesting.

Struggling to come up with a way to make your shirt and jeans combo pop? Try to slip on a casual belt and see how that works.

Formal belts can still work with certain casual outfits, but honestly, they may not bring enough to the table to warrant inclusion. If you’re going to be bold, you might as well go for it.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Belt Designed for Casual Outfits?

The easiest way to answer the question posed above is to say that the casual belt is the inverse of the formal belt.

For more defined criteria, Art of Manliness notes that casual belts are often wider than their more formal counterparts. They may measure over an inch and a half across. They are also often equipped with larger and more boldly designed buckles.

When it comes to the material used, leather is still often featured in casual belts, but you may also see other items featured.

The sky blue alligator leather belt from Belvedere is a fine example of a casual belt and it’s the exact type of piece that can make a particular look truly memorable.

Belts can make or break the outfit you’re sporting.  The next time you are trying to assemble an ensemble that will turn heads, don’t gloss over your belt choice. This accessory can be your ally in your quest to become a more stylish gentleman.
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