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The Secret to Effectively Exercising Even with a Swamped Schedule

The Secret to Effectively Exercising Even with a Swamped Schedule
It sounds like an excuse, but the reality for many professionals is that time, or lack thereof, is the leading reason for why they are unable to work out the way they want to.

When you have to spend an hour or two in traffic every day to get to and from the office and add that to your already exhausting workday schedule, you may not have that much time left to use for exercising.  After all, if you only have a half hour or so to spare for working out, you may reason that those precious minutes can be better spent doing something else.

A lack of time should not prevent you from getting a good workout though. Even if all you have to spare are 30 or so minutes, you can still put that time towards improving your fitness.

The secret lies in trying out the variant of high intensity interval training known as the Tabata training method.

Understanding High Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT, high intensity interval training involves performing a specific exercise at maximum effort for a brief period of time, following that with a quick recovery period, and then repeating the cycle for X amount of reps.

The idea behind HIIT is that by pushing your body to the limit for a short amount of time, you can enjoy the same benefits that you would from a longer workout. You should still be able to burn calories effectively and train your muscles properly even if you are devoting mere minutes to your regular exercise regimen.

HIIT can also offer anaerobic endurance benefits, which could lead to your blood sugar level being lowered.

According to Healthline, a HIIT routine can be completed in around 10 to 30 minutes. Again, if you simply do not have the time to spare, trying out HIIT routines could work for you.

Do note that HIIT exercise routines are not for everyone. Men’s Health suggests passing on HIIT routines if you’re still new to regularly exercising. You may want to try out other routines first so that you can get your body in better shape for HIIT.

Why You Should Give Tabata Training a Try

Engineered by Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., Tabata training is a variation of HIIT that seeks to provide practitioners with a hugely beneficial workout without necessitating a significant investment of time, per Men’s Journal.

Basically, Tabata training asks you to perform a specific exercise at maximum intensity for 20-second intervals and then follow that up with a 10-second rest period. After the 10-second rest, you have completed one set.

You will then have to repeat the 20-second exercise and 10-second rest period until you have completed eight sets.

Following the completion of eight sets, you can rest for one minute. Once the minute has passed, you can choose to either repeat the same exercise, perform it again for eight sets or move on to a different form of exercise.

This article from Active offers an example of a Tabata workout routine. The routine featured can be completed in just 16 minutes. You can try it out yourself if you prefer or incorporate other forms of exercises to tailor the Tabata method better to your fitness goals.

Weight training exercises can also be included into the Tabata routine.

Having a jam-packed schedule is part of being a professional, but it shouldn’t be a barrier to you staying in shape. Give Tabata training a try to make the most out of your exercise time and keep your body in gear.
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