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Men’s Costume Ideas Worth Considering for Halloween 2019

Men’s Costume Ideas Worth Considering for Halloween 2019
Halloween is inching closer and closer and we just have one question to ask, do you have your costume ready?

Many people absolutely love this day for frights and already have their costumes lined up. If you don’t have one ready just yet, that’s absolutely understandable. Things can get busy and you can’t just set aside time to gameplan for your Halloween costume.

Still, it is getting pretty late in the game, so if you’re struggling for inspiration, we have some suggestions for how you can turn heads this coming Halloween.

You Can’t Go Wrong with John Wick

We are still firmly in the Keanu Reeves Renaissance. The actor made headlines earlier this year after his appearance at E3 and he has emerged as one of the most beloved celebrities in recent years.

Key to the Reeves Renaissance has been the popularity of the “John Wick” movies. Those movies have taken the world by storm and they have many men the world over wishing they could step into the stylish shoes of the assassin.

For more tips on how you can claim the John Wick look for yourself, please feel free to check out our earlier post here.

A Nod to the Mega Movie Hit of 2019

While there are still a few months remaining in 2019, it seems safe to say that “Avengers: Endgame” is going to be the defining movie of this year. It’s one of those rare films that has become a truly important part of pop culture. There were weeks when you couldn’t go anywhere online without seeing some sort of discussion about the movie.

So, which superhero’s outfit should you try on? Going with Iron-Man or Captain America is always a safe choice, but then again, you’ll likely be one of the many gentlemen channeling Tony Stark and Steve Rogers on Halloween night.

That’s no way to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of taking the predictable route, why not try something different and recreate the look featured by actor Jeremy Renner in the movie.

Some mild spoilers ahead here:  Renner’s character in “Avengers: Endgame” underwent a transformation in the movie as he shed the character of Hawkeye and took on the mantle of Ronin. The Ronin ensemble is pretty eye-catching itself as it features a mostly dark outfit highlighted by bright accents along the edges. Plus, you also wear a pretty cool-looking mask over your face.

That sounds a lot like a great Halloween costume. has a pretty good Ronin costume available if you’re interested in trying that look on for size.

A Complex Costume for the Video Game Enthusiasts

Many people are already looking forward to Halloween, but many video game fans have a different date circled on their calendar. November 8 marks the official release date of the eagerly anticipated game entitled “Death Stranding” and fans are already being overcome with hype.

Though the game itself still largely remains a mystery, one thing that is known about it is the main character. The character, modeled after actor Norman Reedus, is named Sam, and well, he wears a pretty interesting outfit.

It’s not the easiest look to replicate, but if you want to give it a try, this tweet from the game’s director Hideo Kojima offers a great look at the unique costume.

Halloween provides many of us with a chance to relive our youth for a day and dress up like our favorite characters. This year, be bold with your choice of Halloween costume by going with one of the ideas above.
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