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An Appreciation for the Versatility of Driver-Style Shoes

An Appreciation for the Versatility of Driver-Style Shoes
Belvedere's Driver Style Loafers

Not all examples of men's footwear are meant to be valued for their style. Not all examples of men's footwear are meant to be valued for how functional they are.

However, there are those rare exceptions that manage to offer both style and substance to their wearers such as the driver-style shoes.

You don't have to think hard about why driver-style shoes are named that way. While you may want a more interesting backstory behind the naming of this particular type of shoe, the reality is that it is named that way because it is designed to be used for driving.

TheTrendSpotter notes that driver-style shoes are made to look like the classic moccasins, but they are slightly different because they are equipped with rubber-pad soles that are meant to be used for gripping the car's pedals. Though the story behind the name of the driver-style shoe may not be worthy of any literary award, you can still appreciate how this example of footwear makes it so much easier for you to take full control of your car.

It is worth pointing out that driver-style shoes are not just meant to feature an extra strong grip. These shoes are also designed to be very comfortable.

Can you imagine going for a long drive while wearing shoes that fit awkwardly? That type of problem can lead to you getting into an accident, which is why driver-style shoes are made to combat fatigue.

Driver-style shoes also often come with no laces and they are constructed in a way that allows for them to be easily worn and removed for added convenience.

What makes driver-style shoes so special is that they can be convenient, comfortable, and helpful for driving while also being impeccably stylish. It doesn't even take much to make them look good.

TheTrendSpotter urges men to lean into the casual look that already defines the classic form of the driver-style shoe. They go incredibly well with examples of casual wear such as jeans and cotton shorts. Combine those with a simple, understated T-shirt and you're ready for a relaxed day around town.

Now, just because they're suited for casual wear, that doesn't mean that driver-style shoes cannot be elements of more sophisticated looks. Wear them together with chinos, button-up shirts, and blazers to look effortlessly stylish.

As noted by GQ, there's no rule stating that you must wear driver-style shoes without socks, but if you want to maximize your comfort level, by all means, feel free to show off some ankle while you're lounging around.

If you want to add a new pair of driver-style shoes to your collection or are simply looking to replace your older pair, you can check out the Omar from Belvedere Shoes. The Omar is a classic example of the driver-style shoe as can be seen in the well-constructed rubber sole and the snug but not tight way it fits over feet. The addition of the metal buckles serves to further elevate the look of the Omar. The buckles work to make the aforementioned shoes easier to pair with tailored suits.

Driver-style shoes may have been designed with the goal of making driving easier for men all over the world, but it would be best to also acknowledge that they also deserve a place in any man's wardrobe because of how stylish they are.

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