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Is Eel Skin Leather a Good Choice to Use for Shoes?

Is Eel Skin Leather a Good Choice to Use for Shoes?

Stella: Men's Eel Dress Shoes by Belvedere


Shoe makers are constantly on the lookout for only the finest materials to use in their creations. That’s why you only see the best examples of textiles, rubber, and synthetic materials used for shoes.

Leather is another material often utilized for the purposes of crafting footwear. Over the centuries, artisans have figured out how to work with leather fashioned out of calf skin, alligator and crocodile scales, and even ostrich skin.

One other type of leather that has been used to create shoes is eel skin. Eel skin shoes are not exactly lining the shelves of stores all over the world. Compared to other leather shoes, they lag significantly behind in terms of popularity.

But are they unpopular because eel skin is not a material suitable for crafting shoes or can their lack of visibility be chalked up to the general public not knowing enough about the material itself?

Those are the questions we’ll be answering in this article.

Eel Skin Leather Is Surprisingly Strong

Among the standout features of eel skin leather is its strength. According to Roje Leather, eel skin is about 150 times stronger than the usual type of cowhide leather that is used to make different kinds of items.

Strength is not always a trait valued in materials used for making shoes, but it really should be. Shoes made out of strong materials are more capable of supporting body weight.

That translates to greater durability around the edges of the shoe. You may have seen instances wherein people just suddenly bust out of the shoes. Those incidents happen because the materials used to craft the shoes were simply not strong enough.

Granted, that type of issue is not exactly common, but even so, being protected against it is a good thing. It’s comforting to know that the shoes you have on aren’t just going to disintegrate with the next sudden movement that you make.

Shoes fashioned out of stronger materials are also safer bets to remain intact for a longer period of time. Simply put, stronger shoes are better value propositions.

Lightweight Shoes Can Be Made from Eel Skin

Eel skin is also a lightweight material, according to As you can imagine, that quality of eel skin greatly impacts the shoes made out of it.

When you’re wearing eel skin leather shoes, they don’t feel bulky or stuffy. They cling to your feet comfortably without weighing you down in any way.

It’s easier to wear eel skin leather shoes for a longer period of time because you’ll hardly notice them on your feet. Comfortable shoes are certainly more desirable and those crafted using eel skin leather can be regarded as such.

Eel Skin Leather Features an Understated yet Stylish Look

One more reason for why eel skin leather simply works when used for shoes is because it looks stylish without making too strong of a visual impact. Eel skin leather typically features pinstripe patterns that add just the right amount of texture to make the surface of an item more visually interesting.

The appearance of eel skin leather is also complementary. It can be mixed with a different type of material to create a gorgeous contrast in textures.

The Mare from Belvedere Shoes is an example of an item that utilizes eel skin leather expertly. The understated appearance of the eel skin leather enables the look of the ostrich leather to stand out even more.

They do not clash with one another. Instead, they combine to create a more beautiful final product.

Considering all the positive qualities present in eel skin leather, it should absolutely be used for the creation of shoes. If anything, the increased usage of eel skin leather could even be a great development for the future of the shoe industry.

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