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The Benefits of Using Lizard Skin Leather in Men's Shoes

The Benefits of Using Lizard Skin Leather in Men's Shoes

Karmelo - Lizard Skin Shoes by Belvedere Shoes

Why Getting a Pair of Lizard Skin Leather Shoes Is a Good Idea for the Fashionable Gentleman

When we talk about leather shoes, we’re often discussing examples of footwear made out of calf, alligator, and crocodile leather. Items made out of those materials are certainly of high-quality, but it is worth pointing that other types of leather are on the market and they are also capable of working well in articles of clothing such as shoes.

Lizard skin leather in particular is a great material to use for the purposes of crafting shoes.

To learn more about exactly why lizard skin leather can be used to create incredible pieces of footwear, please read on.

Scales Built for Simplicity and Uniformity

The people who love alligator and crocodile skin shoes do so because they appreciate the bold looks they feature. Shoes made out of those materials usually feature distinct and irregular patterns that some would say are bordering on being too much, but you can definitely pull them off if you have the requisite amount of swagger.

To put it another way, alligator and crocodile skin shoes are designed to pair with the style sensibilities of certain individuals. Shoes made from those leather variants are most definitely not for everyday use.

Something about that patterned look present in alligator and crocodile skin leather shoes is undeniably appealing, but it’s when you zoom out and see it spread out over the shoe that it starts look excessive.

If you still want to have that patterned look in your style arsenal but are not so keen on the irregular patterns usually featured by alligator and crocodile skin leather shoes, then there’s a good chance you’ll like what lizard skin shoes have to offer.

Pan American Leathers notes that the lizard skins typically used in shoes come from ring lizards and teju lizards. Those lizards have considerably smaller scales than crocodiles and alligators. More lizard skin scales can fit into a shoe and the resulting look is much more subdued.

On top of that, lizard skin scales are also similarly sized for the most part. That specific trait of lizard skin leather makes it possible for shoe makers to create examples of footwear that feature a uniform look.

Essentially, lizard skin leather gives you the distinctive appearance of alligator or crocodile leather without the irregular pattern that can sometimes be distracting. For many shoe aficionados, that’s a good combination.

Lizard Skin Leather Is a Highly Durable and Flexible Material

Lizard skin leather has more than just its looks going for it. Similar to other variants of leather that are used to make shoes, lizard skin also features outstanding durability and flexibility.

Once you’re wearing shoes made out of lizard skin leather, you may instinctively try to walk around more carefully because you don’t want to damage their delicate appearance, but that’s not something you have to really worry about.

Lizard skin leather be worn on a somewhat regular basis and still be free from unsightly cracks. You also don’t have to worry that creases will develop and ruin the material because lizard skin leather is remarkably flexible.

If you’re thinking lizard skin is useful only for beautifying products, think again, because this material is as tough as any other item used to make shoes.

Start with Something Simple

Are you now keener on the idea of getting your own pair of lizard skin leather shoes? If you are, then Belvedere’s Karmelo would make a great starting option.

All the distinctive qualities of lizard skin leather are present in the Karmelo and they work well to enhance its appearance and durability. The other details such as the tasseled laces and multi-colored soles serve to give the Karmelo its own identity.

Start out with the Karmelo and you’ll quickly understand why lizard skin leather shoes deserve to be more popular than they currently are.

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