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Five Clever Gadgets That Will Help Make College Life Easier

Five Clever Gadgets That Will Help Make College Life Easier
For many, college life provides the first real taste of independence. You’re away from home, so that means you’re in charge of your laundry, your food, and simply getting up on time for your classes. It’s often not the easiest transition to make.

Thankfully, there are gadgets to make the move to college life easier for many gentlemen. If you’re just about to get started on your college journey or set to resume it in the near future, check out the items included below. You don't have to be a technophile to see how they can make it better.

Travel Smart with This Suitcase

You’re probably not traveling light during your first trip to your college campus. If you’re looking for a bag that can make your excursion easier, it’s worth checking out the Carry-On Roller from Béis, highlighted by Trend Hunter.

Aside from being a super-stylish bag, the Carry-On Roller is also highly functional. Its interior is expandable. You should be able to fit all your travel essentials in there along with some extra jackets.

The interior of the bag is also protected by a water-resistant zipper. A sudden downpour won’t damage the contents of your bag due in large part to that feature.

One more feature worth highlighting is the weight indicator. If you’re traveling together with your friends by plane, the indicator should come in very handy and prevent you from having to pay some unexpected fees.

An Effective Note-Taking Aid for Today’s Student

Taking notes during lectures can be a real chore, but it doesn’t have to be. One way to change that is by using a better notebook.

With that in mind, Rocketbook’s Everlast Smart Notebook could very well be the high-tech modern alternative you’re looking for.

The best part of using this notebook is that you no longer have to go through numerous sheets of paper. The pages can be wiped clean simply using a damp cloth.

Before wiping the notes away, remember to upload them to your favorite file storage option service, such as Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

The only real downside to this smart notebook is that you have to use specific pens and markers. Beyond that though, this should prove to be a fine gift for any college student.

Convenience in Keyboard Form

If you’re not into taking notes the old fashioned way, then perhaps the Wireless Folding Keyboard from iClever is more up your alley.

As the name gives away, it’s a folding keyboard that can fit into just about any backpack. The aluminum alloy base lends it the kind of stability you will want if you’re going to be typing up numerous pages over the next few hours.

The colors of this keyboard’s backlight can also change depending on your preference.

Compatibility is also not going to be an issue because this keyboard can work with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Keep Your Gadgets in Gear

Being organized is important even when it comes to your gadgets. To help students manage their many devices better, Simicore is offering a Smart Charging Station Dock and Organizer.

The aforementioned item offers four slots and USB ports that can all be used for simultaneous charging. You’re also getting fast charging from this gadget and that feature should help you out of a tough spot if you forgot to charge your smartphone overnight.

The rubberized base and built-in separators will ensure that the plugged-in devices will always remain in place.

Communicate for Faster Cooking

Last up is a pretty interesting offering from Amazon in the form of the AmazonBasics Microwave.

So, what separates this particular microwave from the many other options on the market? Well, you can talk to it to get it working.

It works together with Alexa and an Echo speaker. If you order it to cook you up a quick meal, it will do exactly that, though you do need an Echo speaker to take advantage of the voice command feature.

CNet notes that this microwave is good for smaller living spaces, like a dorm for example. On top of that, this microwave could be on the receiving end of new features that arrive via future updates.

College life can be truly challenging, but the gadgets mentioned above should make your first experience of living on your own at least a little more pleasant.
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